Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscars, Cosplay, Pepsi, and MAGIC!

Kolby and Pinky

Happy Monday, dearies.  I hope you're enjoying your Oscars hangover.  I wonder how many Academy Awards-related links I can jam in today.  Let's see!

To start us off, here's E!'s recap of the night's winners, losers and unexpected moments.  (E! Online)

I'm positively tickled by Eric Wilson's cranky take on last night's red carpet fashion, and especially by his opinion of Rooney Mara, whose entire look generally bewilders me.  (The New York Times)

How did you meet your significant other?  One Redditor (in the comments) has a story that might make your day.  (Reddit)

We all know it's important to apologize when we've done something wrong, but how well does "I'm sorry: really work?  (Live Science)

Just when I think I've given too much consideration to the many MANY flaws in the Star Wars Saga, I read an ingenius post like this, and I realize I haven't given it much consideration after all.  Score!  (Absolutely No Machete Juggling)

Teller, of Penn and Teller, explains just how simple it is for magicians to fool our weak little minds.  (BoingBoing)

Would any of you ladies propose marriage to the man in your life (if you actually wanted to marry him, that is), or is the marriage proposal still the man's "job"?  (The Daily Mail)

Today's Google-A-Day Puzzle is aimed at movie nerds.  Enjoy!  (Wired)

Apparently there was a MegaCon recently. Please enjoy these Cosplay photos. I know I did! (flickr)

Two Twitter accounts for body parts were spawned from last night's Oscars: Angelina Jolie's Right Leg and JLo's Nipple.

What did people do before television, with its nipple slips, mockable poses, and overlong award ceremonies? Well, public executions for one. (mental floss)

People probably also talked to each other back in the day. I actually talked to someone yesterday, about our mutual hatred for Pepsi. Even knowing about these other flavors, I stand by my tastebuds and their refusal to enjoy a Pepsi. (via Neatorama)

Jimmy Kimmel had a special show right after the Oscars last night that included this trailer for Movie: The Movie.

Do you remember the Portal/This Is Halloween song? Now we have The Wheatley Song!

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