Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nuking The Fridge Has Been Scientifically Proven To Be Bullsh*t

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Let's start out with something that will either confuse you or make you feel old. Then the links can only get better from there! Check out these nearly extinct household items. (Listverse)

There, there. Here's something to brighten your mood! Eight amazing women-run businesses! (ecosalon)

Remember that movie, Indiana Jones and the Bullshit Alien Crap? It gave us the phrase "nuking the fridge" and upset tons of us with its idiocy. Well, some scientists decided to actually study Indy's ability to survive the nuclear blast shoved in a fridge and SPOILER ALERT: it's not fucking possible. (Time)

I'm guessing that the plotline of one of my favorite movies, Memento, is more plausible. The plotline is a bit confusing, with it being shown in reverse order. Here is a lovely graphic to assist you in unraveling the actual chronology of the film. (The High Definite)

Another "No Shit!" scientific study was done, finding that people with higher socioeconomic status are more likely to be unethical. Duh. (Live Science)

Do you like contests and winning? Great! Help The Mary Sue choose a new outfit for their costumed mascot! (The Mary Sue)

A quick round-up of celebrity baby news! Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck welcomed a baby boy! (People)

Snookie may be pregnant. /shudder. (Gossip Cop)

Uma Thurman is expecting her third child. (People)

Okay! Enough of that! Let's move on to a blog by my friend Dana and her family downsizing to a smaller home, remodeling that home while living in an apartment, and dealing with a wanted but unplanned pregnancy ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Plus, Dana has amazing style and taste. (House*Tweaking)

You know I love nail art. Here are 3 DIY runway looks. (Refinery 29)

I have no idea what this is from or what it is for. But it is NSFW and not for the squeamish or easily frightened.

Sorry about that. So here's a kitty watching Star Wars!

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