Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm Not Gonna Lie, You May Be Grossed Out Today

Pinky McLadybits

Above a urinal. She's got my vote!
Let's start off with a couple of links concerning lady parts, shall we? Even if you don't want to, too bad! I HAVE THE POWER. Ahem.

I've seen sites with penises in costume so it is only right that there is now a site that shows breasts in costumes. NSFW. (via The Mary Sue)

Breasts are amazingly versatile and generally win the costume contests that they enter. Unfortunately, ovaries and uteruses and all of the things that cause us to ride the cotton pony monthly are less fun. But maybe all of the pain, fatigue, and cravings are trying to tell us something? (The Great Fitness Experiment)

Maybe next time the Crimson Tide comes a knockin' you can whip up a batch of these broccoli bites instead of eating a bag of chocolate-covered potato chips. They have cheese in them! (Food Renegade)

Have you heard? There may soon be a Sons of Anarchy video game. I suppose it could be fun, though I suspect it will be terrible, like most games based on movies/television. Speaking of which, here are 18 video games based on television shows. Someone had on their Bad Idea Jeans. (Topless Robot)

These are much better ideas, however. They are some truly stunning pieces of superhero art. I especially like the Catwoman fetus. ADORABLE! (Web Urbanist)

Were those too creepy? Sorry about that. Perhaps you would prefer some gorgeous photos taken in space instead. (Space)

As you ponder the infinite void of space, perhaps you are also wondering what would happen if a chupacabra broke into a church and drank all of the holy water. You weren't? Huh. Maybe my brain is too much like Little Kid's. (Ashley Quite Frankly)

You've seen the Peeps Diorama Contest before, right? RIGHT? Well, if you haven't then it's time you've begun! (The Washington Post)

Speaking of getting begun, I know that Valentine's Day is over. I know. But I also think it pays to be prepared for next year. You're welcome! (Jacquie Longlegs)

Maybe you'd like to go ahead and get prepared for Halloween too. You could use this to go as a zombie stripper or just a plain old zombie whore! (The Art of Bleeding)

That was totally gross, yes? This will make you happy again, before I crush you with another nasty link. Behold the pothole gardens of east London! (Laughing Squid)

That reminds me of the episode of Doctor Who that had Moaning Myrtle in it. That one was alright. This though? AMAZING! (Geek Crafts)

I also leave you with this link to Billboards on Sunset in the 70s. They are awesome! (Flikr)

Have you wondered what The Avengers would look like as a silent film? Wonder no more!

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