Wednesday, February 8, 2012

If Today's Not Donald Glover Day, It Should Be


Happy Hump Day, my little worker bees.  Only two more days of axe grinding before the weekend.  You can almost smell the promise of lazy from here.  Enjoy today's hot links on breaks from watching the clock!

Hey, maybe those kooky Mayans were correct after wall.  Here are 12 Ways the World Could End in 2012.  (Popular Mechanics)

Today's lucky number must be twelve, because that's how many drinks Starbucks has on their secret menu.  Your wallet will be so pleased.  (Chime.In)

If you've ever spent days or weeks agonizing over each year's Grammy nominations, attempting to predict the winners, well....well, you're probably in need of more help than this little chart can provide.  Godspeed to you.  (Esquire)

the next time you wonder why you can't put down the Chex Mix, don't fret.  The Biggest Binge award goes to our very own Milky Way Galaxy, which has been devouring smaller neighbor galaxies for aaaages now.  Gravity is a bitch, man.  (Science Daily)

Need a little boost to get out of bed in the morning?  How about a little Stephen Fry?  I knew that would get your attention. (Lifehacker)

And once you're fully awake, you'll be able to truly appreciate these spectacular Victorian Star Wars Portraits.  (Rampaged Reality)

A bomb squad x-rayed a mysterious sealed box found on a college campus in New York.  You won't believe what they saw inside.  (Neatorama)

Well, here's one way to take care of  that dry winter skin.  Behold, the Beardski.  (

Gawker finally figured out who's to blame when your daughter starts giving away the milk for free.  (Gawker)

Longing for a history lesson?  On this day in 1587, Mary, Queen of Scots was beheaded.  It's quite a fascinating story.  (Finding Dulcinea)

Oooh, I LOVE these rare photos of the Rat Pack.  So cool.  (LIFE)

Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania has installed a new vending machine on campus, and it ain't serving Doritos.  (Inquisitr)

The good people at BlogHer are celebrating 14 Days of Chocolate.  Today's featured decadence?  MOUNDS BROWNIES.  I just died.  (BlogHer)

What were you doing at age 9?  I was probably playing kickball in my street or marrying Barbie to Ken.  Whatever I was doing, I sure as hell couldn't play the banjo.  Just look at this kid.

And finally, if you were/are a fan of Soul Train (like me), this clip of a flashmob "soul train" in honor of the show's host, Don Cornelius, who passed away a few days ago, should put a smile on your face.  Enjoy your Wednesday, friends.

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