Wednesday, February 29, 2012

First Crushes: We Are Understandably Embarrassed

David Duchovny

I’ve been a night owl my whole life and somewhere during my elementary school career my parents stopped fighting it and let me stay up to watch TV with them. This means that at ten I was watching both “The X Files” and “E.R” and developed crushes on George Clooney and David Duchovney. While my classmates were mooning over JTT and Leo, I was making up stories about Dr.Doug Ross hugging me after I went to the hospital for a very treatable ailment, or Fox Mulder coming to investigate strange doings and ending up taking me out for ice cream and holding hands. My classmates didn’t understand then, but age and wisdom have proven me right. And my fantasies are very different these days. - Rusty

Corey Feldman

If you grew up in the '80's like me, you probably had a crush on one of the Coreys. You most likely thought Corey Haim, the cute one, was just dreamy. But to me, Corey Feldman was IT. He was the snarky, wiseass sidekick who had a mind (and fashion sense) of his own. It's easy to look back now and realize that I had questionable taste in boys (just LOOK at that hair. And that's the least embarrassing photo I could find. Let's not even discuss his Michael Jackson obsession.), but I'll always have a fondness for my very first celebrity crush. - MelBivDevoe

Fred Savage

Oh, the 80s! A time of Kirk Cameron (who was also on my wall), New Kids On The Block, and The Wonder Years. I loved watching the awkward Kevin Arnold, portrayed by Fred Savage, and had posters of him on my walls. I may have had one in particular that I might have smooched, but you could never prove a thing like that. Thankfully. As an adult, Fred Savage is still a pretty good-looking guy. He's also a talented director and a father and husband. I think I chose a pretty good first crush, if I do say so myself. - Pinky

Tom Cruise

This is incredibly embarrassing to admit now, but you gotta remember that this was in the early 90s and I was a stupid teenager when I first had a crush on Tom Cruise. I remember that the first time I ever used the internet was to look up pictures of him on Alta Vista. My friend Jenny and I used to go to the school library, leaf through magazines and rip out the pages that had his pictures on them (sorry, Mrs. Signorini). But, look. Before we all knew he was crazy, the guy was pretty damn cute. The dark hair, the eyebrows, that SMILE, the swagger. Stupid teens are all about the swagger and the harmlessness. So, while now he's a couch-jumping weirdo, let's all remember the days when he was really, really cute in "The Outsiders". - Figgy

Julian Lennon

When Pinky asked for our first crushes, my initial thought was, "It's been so long, I have *no* idea who my first crush was!" But then, I came up with an early crush that is nicely embarrassing, so I figured it would work: Julian Lennon. I don't know what to tell you. It was the 80s, he had boyish good looks, longish hair (I have a thing for guys with long hair) and is British. And he was a musician. What more could a teenaged-girl want in a guy? I actually owned his first album-on vinyl, of course. In fact, I would still have it, but I'm pretty sure my friend, Jenn, borrowed it. - Tamatha

Joey McIntyre

Like a lot of the ladies at Hot Ink, I grew up in the 80s. Which meant one thing: New Kids on the Block were the new Beatles for teen girls to freak out over. Joey McIntyre was my favourite. I had posters of him taken out of Teen Beat, Tiger Beat, and Bop magazine all plastered on my walls. Hell, we share the same birthday. December 24th, 1978 y'all. Right down to the same HOUR. So in my teenaged brain we were meant to be. He was the cutest NKOTB - and still is. I'm really not sure if I should be embarrassed by this crush (just look at the HAIR! Ugh!), or kind of impressed with my ability to choose a child star that didn't get messed up and die young (ahem, River Pheonix). Either way, I hung tough, hoping against all hope that he'd see me at a concert and choose me to be his cover girl. -Metric Jenn


  1. My crush can be summed up in three initials. JTT. I was ALL ABOUT Jonathan Taylor Thomas. And Devon Sawa in Caspar. And Ryder Strong on Boy Meets World. These were my childhood. :-)

  2. Mine was Jon Bon Jovi... that one really hasn't gone away.