Thursday, February 23, 2012

Every Girl Crazy 'Bout A Sharp-Dressed Man. Also, Flapjacks.


Yep, that's Ryan Gosling in pancake form.  It's amazing what will appear when you type "Sexy Man Pancakes" into a Google image search.  Ahem, please enjoy your Thursday links, won't you?

I howled from the beginning of this series of Robert Downey Jr. pinups photos to the end.  You will, too.  I just know it.  (Octupus' Garden)

It doesn't matter how lame your party is if you've got mad photoshop skillz.  (Holiday Party 2011 - imgur)

Nicolas Cage makes movies.  Lots and lots of movies.  One blogger decided to rank Cage's movies, from best to worst, using a few choice statistics.  Check out the results.  (HubPages)

This may be my new favorite Tumblr.  Photos of trends in menswear paired with dangerously delicious looking food?  Why the hell not? (Coffee & the Newspaper)

Don't blame me if these beautiful photographs of Olympic National Park bring such peace to your day that you doze a bit at your desk.  No one is making you click on these links, you know.  (Love These Pics)

Good news!  Men don't seem to be facing eventual extinction after all.  This is good news, right?  (Medical Daily)

The New York Metropolitan Transit Authority is selling off old wooden subway benches.  If I had $650 to spare, I might buy one for my foyer, though I'd think twice about telling guests where it came from.  (Mother Nature Network)

Lawmakers in Arizona have decided it's a good idea to force college students to contribute to their educations out of their own pockets, citing statistics that since college graduates make more money in the long run than people without a degree, they should be able to pay at least part of their own way through school.  Sure, college grads make more money...when there are actual jobs to be had after graduation.  I mean, really, this irks me to no end.  (MSNBC)

Here's today's Google-A-Day Puzzle.  Feel the burn.  (Wired)

Do you think you could meet the No Spend Day Challenge?  I'm going to give it a try. Should be easy, since I have no money to spend.  (Frugal Dad)

Julia Roberts wasn't the first Hooker with a Heart of Gold to be nominated for an Oscar.  Here are the thirteen actresses who've won Academy Awards for portraying prostitutes.  (Neatorama)

Looking for an inventive way of letting your family know you're expecting a little bundle of joy?  Simply leaving out your (secretly, and creepily) personalized Target coupon booklets might do the job for you.  (Forbes)

People around the world seem to agree on the best ways to live a healthy life.  Now if we can get off our asses and actually do these things, we'll be cooking with gas.  (Good Magazine)

Here's a Love Letter to New York, written in classic photographs.  (LIFE)

Needless to say, these resumes won't impress most employers, but they sure are pretty to look at.  (Colour Lovers)

Let's face it, men really do want a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets...or something like that.  To prove it, here are five random guys letting us know the kinky things they'd like to see happening in their bedrooms...and elsewhere.  (Glamour)

Watch and learn, fellas.  Watch and...probably sigh loudly several times, ladies.

And, last but not least, here's Chris Cornell performing a lovely rendition of "I Will Always Love You."  It's not perfect, but it's true.  I may have had a little crush on Mr. Cornell in high school.  Aaaaanyway, enjoy your Thursday!

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  1. Are you sure that's not Jeremy Irons on that pancake?