Wednesday, January 4, 2012

up & up Women's Disposable Triple Blade Razors for Sensitive Skin: EVIL.

Pinky McLadybits

Why do razors cost so damn much? Why is it cheaper to buy a whole new razor base than 4 damned razor refills? HAS EVERYONE GONE CRAZY? 

I hate buying razors and I put it off until I have no other choice but to bend over and be plugged in the ass for $10 or $20 for a set of 4 or 8 disposable razor blades. It drives me nuts. Half of the time the damned things will inexplicably leave a hair on your leg or underarm that, left to its own devices, will grow to be tall and strong like oak tree.

Rifuckingdiculous is what it is. And that is why I decided to try out these entirely disposable razors by Target's house brand up&up.

Ugh. They suck. The head of the razor isn't rounded like most razors with replaceable blades, so when you try to turn or have the wrong angle while shaving? OWGAHHHHHHHTHATHURT! It feels like you've just twisted a piece of glass on your leg. A piece of glass that doesn't actually remove anything but layers of skin. Unacceptable, but not surprising since this is how disposable razors have been since the dawn of time. Shitty.

I was terrified to use the razor on my leg, so I just went without. The next time I showered, I decided to use eos Shave Gel and the disposable razor. eos Shave Gel tends to clog my regular Lady Schick Quattro, so I don't use it very much. In this instance, the shave gel worked quite well with the up&up disposable razor, leaving my legs smooth yet bloody. They were also clearly dried out from a razor that says it is for sensitive skin. Jerkface razor. 

This is the worst Target branded product I've ever purchases, though I believe it has less to do with the brand and everything to do with the horrendous quality of disposable razors. Every brand I have ever tried has left my legs bloodier than that crackhouse in Saw II. I admit, I'm not much for conspiracy theories but I really think that razor companies make shitty disposables so we'll pay $8 for a reusable handle and one blade and $10 for three new blades instead of $4 for three or more disposables.

Well guess what? NO TENTACLES FOR YOU!

Rating: 0/8 tentacles


  1. I use the Schick 3 blade with pivoting head and I don't have any problems. I find the knockoff brands (Target and Walgreens) to be worse though.

  2. Razors are ridiculously expensive! I agree with Vee, I've found that this is one case where you really can't go with the generic/knockoff brands. You may save a few bucks, but you'll end up covered in nicks and cuts. That's a lesson I had to learn the painful way.

  3. I have never ever had a razor cut me as much as this one did. Worse razor in the world.

  4. I guess I'm the only one. I have the 5 blade up and up razor and its awesome and pink and cute. I've never had problems with shaving but I am cheap. I am sensitive to creams but not the razor just need higher blade count. I use schick intuitions for legs and under arms and this for bikini

  5. Very funny review. Found you after researching the men's version which is just as bad.