Friday, January 6, 2012

One With My Bank Account: One With Nature Rose Petal Soap


I have an unfortunate habit of trying to live luxuriously on a tight budget. I'm the kind of person who will get a Brazilian wax anywhere as long as the place promises to get the job done for under $30. At department stores, I buy cosmetics I don't actually need to meet the requisite minimum spending amount in order to get a $28-value bonus gift of miniature lipsticks and eye palettes.

When I wanted to go blonde, I made the mistake of letting two friends who thought it would be "fun" dye my hair because I didn't want to shell out the bucks for a professional. Not surprisingly, I'm usually disappointed with these experiences (never let someone get near your ladybits unless you're sure they've had practice), but sometimes - SOMETIMES - I get it right. An impulse buy of One With Nature's Rose Petal Soap was one such occasion where my penchant for getting the finer things at a cheap-ish price worked out in my favor.

There are many, many good things to say about this soap. First, it smells HEAVENLY. I bought this at Whole Foods, and I spent a good 10 minutes weirding people out near the checkout line while deciding between 6 delicious scents. I went with Rose Petal because, well, I like roses, and this soap smells like an actual rose blossom. It's fragrant and pure to the point where it's almost overpowering, but less so once you've showered and toweled off. On a related note, reactions from (significant) other(s) ranged from, "You smell like a flower," to, "You smell intoxicating". Hee! LIKE BEES TO A HONEY POT FILLED WITH ROSES.

Second, I swore to myself before writing this that I would try to make it through at least ONE review without invoking the phrase "dry skin", but I have to mention it here because this stuff is AWESOME in that regard. It contains Dead Sea salts, aloe, and shea butter, so it's wonderfully moisturizing and calming while delivering the gentlest exfoliation. It lathers nicely, and leaves behind very little of that soapy residue that other body washes and bars tend to, which is a nice bonus. Also, did I mention that it makes you smell REALLY fucking good? There was a cookie-scented soap I smartly did not buy, because I'm pretty sure I would've woken myself up on more than one occasion, gnawing my arm off in my sleep.

Third, I love that I recognize all the ingredients. There are 12, and they're all things like "Palm Oil," "Vegetable Glycerin," and "Rose Petals". I'm a sucker for all-natural stuff, and I feel better about using products that are gentle on people and the environment. The One With Nature website lists all the ingredients of their products with the descriptions, which I always appreciate.

Lastly? They retail on the website at $4.49 per bar, but I've found them at various Whole Foods for the beautifully affordable price of 3 bars for $5.

Rating: 8/8 Tentacles


  1. Good to know I'm not the only sucker for all things natural on this here web site. :)

    I'll have to keep my eye out for this soap.

  2. My dad got me two of these bars for Christmas and I'm glad to get a nice review of them first! Thank you :-)