Friday, January 27, 2012

Oh, Spoiled Milk! You'll Never Get A Pony Smelling Like That!

Pinky McLadbits

via Tastefully Offensive and Gemma Correll
Wait, Demi Moore's seizure is allegedly related to her doing whip its? What is she, 20 years old? (Gawker)

I haven't been to Las Vegas since I got married there in 2005. We still plan to return for a more leisurely, child-free week. Perhaps we can check out some of the spots in this article. (GQ)

Do you like photo series? Here you go then. A photo a day, starting on the first of this year. SNSFW. (FWAPhoto)

Speaking of something else beautiful to behold: Peanut Butter Oreo Cupcakes! (The Sweet Life)

My teeth hurt just looking at that gorgeous dessert! Courtney Stodden doesn't make my teeth hurt, but my brain instead. Have you read her tweets? Don't! Look at these pugs with her tweets instead. (Pugs With Courtney Stodden Tweets) Grabbed from Resa. Thanks!

Dammit, Tebow! Stop trying to make me like you! (Celebitchy)

How old is Nick Jonas? Like, is he legal? I'm asking for...Peffy. (INF Daily)

Madonna is way legal and will ruin the Super Bowl Halftime Show single-handedly. What's that? She'll have help? (The Daily What Gossip)

I have had a hellacious week dealing with PayPal. Different information every time I call and no resolution. Anyway, this cheered me up a bit. I present Kriss Kross beating up Axl Rose! (regretsy)

Did you know that you can read a chapter of Andrea Dunlop's novel Summer of Small Accidents every Friday? For free? Here's the latest chapter, but follow their link to start at chapter 1. (The Gloss)

That totally counts toward your Cannonball Read tally. The you can have a review featured on Pajiba like meilufay did! If you signed up. You did, right? (Pajiba)

I have never thought of adding anything more exotic than hot sauce to my egg salad. I had no idea there were toppings you could choose! (Persephone Magazine)

I know this is a commercial for Xbox. I also know that the Star Wars-themed commercials are many. But this one is different. CHRIS PRATT.

I suppose this video has spoilers if you've never (GASP) seen The Goonies but definitely if you've never seen Season 1 of  Game of Thrones. Hilarious!

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