Friday, January 13, 2012

Monster High Scary Cute Beauty Set: Monstrously Gorgeous

Pinky McLadybits & Guest Contributor Pinky Jr.

Pinky Jr. and I were in the store when it happened. "Momma, look at this werewolf girl! I WANT HER FOR MY VERY OWN!" I had seen the Monster High Dolls in the stores while browsing, but I didn't know much about them. Apparently there are some books? I don't know.

What I do know is that these were one of the hot toys around here. Had I known that I would have stockpiled one of each when the damn things were on sale for a comparatively paltry $8 each. Hindsight, 20/20, etc.

As it stands, Pinky Jr. got the werewolf girl (Clawdeen), a zombie girl (Ghoulia Yelps), and Frankenstein's monster girl (Frankie Stein). She also got this adorable makeup set with looks from some of the Monster High Dolls. No, Amazon prices were not paid.

So what is the Monster High Scary Cute Beauty Set? Here, let Pinky Jr. tell you:

"Well, it's Monster High Girls. It's kind of like the dolls and you get to put it on yourself. I like the lipstick because it makes your lips pink and the green and blue eyeshadow. But most of all I like this. The Ghoulish Glitter. I like this part of it (the shimmer dust) that you put on your cheeks. And the best one ever is the fake nails! 8 tentacles!"

It really is adorable.

You've got fake lashes that are just like the e.l.f. lashes I attempted to put on myself, some blue eye shadow, some green eye shadow, and the little applicator in the Frankie Stein section. Then Draculaura gives us a lip gloss palette, a lip balm, and another gloss. All in shades of pink. The Cleo De Nile makeup includes the body shimmer, gold sparkles for your hair, and jewels for your hair or wherever. Lastly, Clawdeen gives us purple fake nails, a nail file shaped like a heart, and purple and gold nail polishes. Pretty good haul.

Most makeup marketed to kids is horrible. I worry that Pinky Jr. will wake with puffy eyes or a rash of some kind where the cheap makeup contacted her skin. The Monster High makeup was on par with some of my makeup. As I said, the fake lashes were just as durable and well made as e.l.f. lashes. They went on the same way and stayed on until Pinky Jr. was finished with them. The eye shadow was pale but just dark enough to allow me to give her some cat eye action on her lids. The shadows didn't crumble to pieces when I used them, they came off when we washed her face, the pigment was appropriate, and it wasn't streaky.

The glosses are nice as well. They all have a faint fruity smell and just a hint of color. The lip gloss in the tube has the same applicator you would find on any adult gloss and it was just as easy to apply. The gold glitter for Pinky Jr.'s hair is in a tube with a mascara-like wand. You simply brush the applicator through her hair and get a little bit of sparkle. Nothing sticky, clumpy, or crunchy like we've had in the past with kid hair glitter. The dusting powder even comes with a little puff for application. So adorable.

The nails were easily applied by Pinky Jr. and stayed on until she was done and took them off. She's not going to wear them out of the house, but they do just fine for playing dress up around here. The polishes are a bit thick and problematic in their application, but they are small bottles and don't negate all the other awesome in this kit.

Rating: 7/8 tentacles

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