Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hot Links: Monday Is Not A Funday

Pinky McLadybits

Beyonce and Jay-Z had their baby on Saturday. A baby girl named either Blue Ivy or Ivy Blue. All hail the Chosen Child of Pop Music! (People)

3D technology useful?!? UNPOSSIBLE. Medical students using it? Okay, maybe it is useful for that stuff. Maybe. Do they have to pay extra tuition for the 3D glasses? (The New York Times)

I love my local library. I always vote to pass the levies or whatever they're called to support the library. I feel like they are more important than ever when people are in such dire monetary straits. Anyway, the smell is definitely part of the appeal. But, why does the library smell so academic? (POPSCI)

Oh, Cracked! I've been disappointed with some of your recent lists, but 6 Super Friends Villians That Didn't Give A @#%*? AWESOME. I love Seanbaby. (Cracked)

Happy 70th Birthday, Stephen Hawking! (Deseret News)

Winter is here, though freakishly mild, and some quite exquisite photos of the season are here to make us forget the snow piled to the roof last year. (The Atlantic)

I don't hate any children. Well, not that I can recall at this time. But maybe you hate some children and maybe you need to find a gift for them. Search no more! (Amazon)

Emma Stone is adorable and amazing and WE LOVE HER. Apparently she loves Andrew Garfield... (Celebitchy)

I keep watching The Walking Dead, hoping for something better. Alas, I believe the ability to be something better left along with Frank Darabont. (The Mary Sue)

Dolls are generally creepy. Their staring, unblinking eyes, their easily destroyed bodies, their strange, sexless bodies. But this? This is creepier than a house full of Chucky dolls banging some of Sid's evil creations. (io9)

Good news, everyone! Charlie Sheen isn't crazy anymore! Super! (Gossip Cop)

Another thing that is totally not crazy? This women's bungee cord snapped and she fell into croc-infested waters. While on vacation. And she survived. This is why I stay home.


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