Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hot Links: In Home Pot Sales? Yeah, That Sounded Legit.

Pinky and Nora

My bathroom has tile that I hate and when I'm in there I like to stare at it in hatred. Sometimes I see yetis, demons, and Lindsey Lohan in the different shapes. It's good to know that everyone's brain does this. (Wired)

I KNEW IT! (The Onion)

Do you listen to NPR? Perhaps you listen to Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me!. Either way, you can take their daily quiz to see how informed you are. (NPR)

I have trouble making new friends with other ladies. I'm self-conscious, afraid of being seen as too gross or something. Luckily for me, INTERNET! Number 5 on this list is my favorite, as some of the friends I talk to the most are new, online pals. (HelloGiggles

I don't even know what to say about this link, except it made me cackle several times while reading. (McSweeney's)

Ever since I won the coveted Worst Comment of The Day Award, I haven't visited Jezebel much at all. But their Dirt Bags are just so damn addictive! (Jezebel)

I adore beautiful and interesting cakes and desserts. This is why I try to always check out the Sunday Sweets on Cake Wrecks and make my kid's birthday cakes myself. I'm not anywhere near the level of any of these cakes, though. NOM! (mental floss)

I think that we lived next to a drug dealer in the last shitty apartment complex we lived in. I would have known for sure it was an illegal operation if I'd had this handy checklist. (Denver Westword Blogs)

I'm just telling you the name of this article. Ready? "The Strange Case of the Dentist and the Pimps". Did your head explode? (Chicago Magazine)

The closest I've ever gotten to Mardi Gras was staying in the Orleans in Vegas twice and going to some themed bar for my birthday. I find these behind-the-scenes photos of Mardi Gras preparations to be thirst-inducing. (Laughing Squid)

I love volleyball but my tiny 5'3" body just wasn't made to really excel in that sport. I do enjoy watching it and I can say with no trace of irony that these women are amazing.

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