Friday, January 6, 2012

Hot Links: For The Record, My Husband's Favorite Color Is Purple.

Pinky McLadybits

Let's start with something heartwarming and altogether uplifting, shall we? (Mohandas Gandhi)

Is it dusty where you are too? Let me just wipe my eyes. Ahem. Let's cleanse the palette with 10 Makeovers From Teen Movies and What They Mean.  (The Frisky)

Just yesterday I was telling someone that my silence could be bought for the low, low price of a pony. Then today, I see this Pony Creator. COINCIDENCE? Likely. But clearly the Universe thinks I am owed a pony. (via Boing Boing)

Placebos are commonplace in drug testing. That's boring. How can I make placebos work for me in my daily life? I want to get buzzed off a virgin strawberry daquiri like Maebe Funke! Accomplishing goals through placebo mind hacks would be good too. (Lifehacker)

I enjoy a good "photos taken every day for x days/years", but they all tend to be in the same spot. On a couch or something. Photographer Jeff Harris decided to take a photo of himself every day for 12 years, but actually doing things! (via The Daily What)

I really like the Lego versions of games, like Indiana Jones and Batman. Especially Batman. Lucky me, Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heros will be there this summer. HEEE!!! (Joystiq)

Jessica Biel Trousersnake. Has a nice ring to it, don't you think? (Gossip Cop)

I was just talking the other day about how I wish I was the kind of person that could grow their own vegetables and things. After reading this guide to growing my own stuff, I think I might be able to actually do this. (Persephone Magazine)

HBO has taken its toys and told Netflix, "SCREW YOU GUYS! AHM GOIN' HOME!" (The Consumerist)

I have yet to watch Downton Abbey, but it is in my Netflix queue. For those of you that have watched it, here's a handy quiz to find out which character's personality you have. Maybe Pip? Is there a character named Pip? (Weta) Thanks, Innernet Magpie.

I love James Hance's drawings of Wookiee the Chew. Upon browsing yesterday, I found that he has been working on all eleven Doctors, including Ten. My beloved Ten. (James Hance)

Less beloved by me was the way my husband proposed. He later made up for it when he had a re-do proposal on Valentine's Day. I think my ideal proposal now would be for him to get on one knee and ask, "Do you want to form an alliance with me?" I would answer, "Absolutely I do." Geeky? Yes. Like these proposal methods. (Will You Marry Me KC?)

These kitchen items aren't geeky. Or funny. They just make me want to get sick all over the place. NSFW. (The Gloss)

If only I had seen this round-up of the best women's razors before buying cheap throw-aways. Gawl. (YouBeauty)

This blogger makes a good point about people pointing the finger of blame at Katy Perry and not on Russell Brand for their divorce. All of the talk says that he is the good guy and she is a partier, career-oriented woman who just wouldn't do what a wife should do. Bullshit to that. (Blisstree)

Last, but not least, I give you an old favorite of mine. The Rock-A-Fire Explosion performing Usher's "Love In This Club". Fun Fact: I was so terrified of the animitronic band at Showbiz Pizza that I spent a birthday party waiting in a car. FUN!

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