Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Thursday! HAPPY LINKS ONLY!

Pinky McLadybits

Yesterday I linked to a Starbucks made of old shipping containers. It was pretty sweet. But this? This is even better. I'm making a special trip to Starbucks to show my support of this. (Seattle Times)

Speaking of things and people that rock my face off, here's Dave Grohl making an excellent point. (via Popurls)

Here's some good news: Stricter school lunch guidelines from the USDA. Keep in mind that schools have to offer the fruits and vegetables, but parents have to teach their children to make the right choices. So. It's a start! (CNN)

Guess what? MORE AWESOME. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation donated $750 MILLION to help combat AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. (Huffington Post)

I had no idea that Google guesses "your weight, your height, or your sex". Well, actually your sex and age, but I couldn't resist using a good quote from The Jerk. (Slate)

Did you know that Google bought an abandoned paper mill in Finland? They did. And do you know what they did with it? If you guessed "tear it down and build something else" you would be wrong. (Wired)

I am crap with anything related to positive thinking. Ask anyone. I know I'm sabotaging myself and adhering to some strange superstition. I should really heed this article. (Lifehacker)

Bears, beets, Schrute spin-off? (Deadline)

Let us rejoice in the eye candy contained within this link. (Best Week Ever)

Life-sized board games! (mental floss)

Check out these amazing character stained glass pieces from etsy seller Fay Productions. (etsy)

Here are some healthy alternatives to those pre-packaged monstrosities you might be throwing in your cart. (Blisstree)

I had no idea Danny Pudi, Abed on Community, was married. But he is! AND HE JUST HAD TWINS! (People)

Time again for What Is It? (Neatorama)

This video made me grin so damn much. Mark Malkoff sleeps over, and naps, at celebrity houses. Hee!

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  1. These are some exceptional links today. 1) Dave Grohl wins at everything he does, I love him. 2) I am SO sad I missed Lombard St. getting turned into Candyland, and 3) Google totally got me.