Monday, January 30, 2012

Fox Fur Merkin?? If You Want To Waste Money, Send It To Me!

Pinky McLadybits

I simply don't get to the museum often enough. Seriously, I enjoy the museum! Luckily, some people choose to share their favorite exhibits with others. (Boing Boing)

Damn it! No wonder I can't remember the 23rd President of the United States or the capital of Brazil! I've been learning incorrectly! (Wired)

The area behind our entertainment center thing is like a graveyard for dust bunnies. Cords, more cords, wires, and dust. If I thought I could successfully put everything back where it belongs, I'd get right on this. (Lifehacker)

TRIGGER WARNING: Sexual assault is always treated as a crime that women helped bring upon themselves. In this article there is an amazing graphic imagining of how it would look if all victims were treated as those who've been raped. There is also information about a project where rape victims hold up signs with things their attackers said to them. Amazing. (Persephone Magazine)

Look! Tyrannosaurus Rex trying to do things! With his little arms! HEEEEE! (T-Rex Trying...)

Speaking of a T-Rex, Dustin was helpful enough to list the 20 Highest Grossing Creature Features of All Time. Can you guess number 1? (Pajiba)

Did you get it right? Clevah gihl! We move on to animals still in existence with movie posters made better with ....CATS! (Next Movie)

I hope you enjoyed those kittens, because this list might make you throw up on your "Hang In There" poster. Damn, China! Why do you eat these things?? (walyou)

Let's cleanse the palette once more with the musings of urban children hiking in nature, shall we? (Ghetto Hikes)

I don't like hikes either. The outdoor woods. Bugs. NO WHISKEY! (Cool Material)

I forgot that the SAG Awards were last night, as I was busy being a bit bored by the Pro Bowl. Let's see who looked like shit! (Tom & Lorenzo)

I hadn't heard of light painting before, at least I don't think I have, but it is quite beautiful. (GeekoSystem)

Fox fur bikini treatment? Is there nothing better to spend your money on? FOX FUR MERKIN?!?! (Styleite)

Let's get that out of your mind with something great. Game of Thrones gets a second season, starting in April. Can you wait??

Two of my favorite things, mashed together into a glorious smushed glob of FANTASTIC.

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  1. a.k.a. NateS1973

    Aww, Pinky, you're making me sad with the no outdoors love. Besides, you could use #5 or #8 to always have your whiskey close at hand.

    The Portal vid was genius. Thanks for that!

    Also, totally agree about the fox fur. Talk about gilding the lily.