Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rusty's Sample Roulette: Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation


I order from Sephora kind of a lot. Because of this I have a giant box of samples just hanging out, waiting to be used. This… is… SAMPLE ROULETTE. Due to the brief nature of the use, I will assign ratings as 0 (stay away) 4 (I liked it, but didn’t love it) or 8 (love it and will probably be dropping my own money on it in short order). Enjoy!

Ole Henricksen’s Sheer Transformation is another in a long line of samples I’ve received of products that don’t seem suited to my particular skin needs. This one was formulated with anti-aging (still only 25) and dark spot/sun damage reduction (I don’t have dark spots unless you count freckles and the ones on my face have been fading since puberty.)

However, I am dedicated to the process of testing samples and reporting them to the internet so I opened the packet and began my short journey to the bottom.

I was actually surprised by this. While I don’t have any dark spots to correct, I did notice that my skin’s texture was very nice while I was using the product. Also, the little creases I get around my eyes from smiling seemed to be smaller. The first time I used this it burned a little, but since I didn’t feel that effect any subsequent times I’ll chalk it up to my skin being particularly raw that day.

While the Sheer Transformation didn’t have enough moisture for me in these harsh winter months, I did like the product and it seemed to live up to its promises as far as my skin went. The cream was light and blended into my face easily, and there wasn’t any kind of strong smell associated with it.

I’m giving this an 8 out of 8 because it worked well, it had a positive effect on the texture of my skin, and while it’s pricey it’s not ridiculous for the quality.

Rating: 8/8 tentacles

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