Friday, December 2, 2011

Lainey's List for the Picky, But Practical (and Lazy)


I guess I'm hard to shop for, at least that's what I've been told.  Many times.  Many,  many times.  It's weird, because I think I'm pretty easy to shop for, but if the gifts I've received from my dad or from former boyfriends is any indication, either they're just not even trying or perhaps I am a tad picky.  Fine.  I'm picky.  I'm also practical when it comes to gifts.  I know it's fun to give sparkly, shiny baubles and stuff, but really, I'd rather pick those out for myself.  Also, if it's something I'm going to need to dust, you can keep it.  I have enough crap taking up space.  But, um, thank you for the thought!

For a gift, I would prefer either something I can really use, or something that I can use to pick out something for myself, or something that I won't go do because I have a chronic case of the Lazy-As-Fuck.

Thermacare Heat Wraps  

I've already extolled the virtues of these wonderful things.  I would gladly give up one of my precious closets to use as storage for boxes and boxes of these.

I have also already mentioned how much I enjoy things that smell like laundry, so combine that smell with something that also gets cat hair and random lint off of my clothes?  BOOM, that's a good present!

I like random shit and I like to be able to just shop all in one place for whatever random thing I'm looking for.  Amazon fits that.  Also, I'm tired of spending my own money on Amazon.  I want someone else to let me spend their money.  And, as an aside, did you know that if you take your spare change to a Coinstar machine, you can get your money in an Amazon gift certificate and then there's no charge for counting/converting your change?  DID YOU KNOW THAT?

I've been a VIB (Very Important Beauty Insider?  I don't know what it actually stands for) at Sephora for about 5 years now.  In order to be a VIB, you have to spend like $300 a year at Sephora.  So, um, yeah, I think I probably spend a RIDIC amount of money on potions and face paint, so a gift card would really be a nice thing for me to have.  Again, spending someone else's money is always more delightful than spending your own.

Kohl's has a decent selection of Petites and also work clothes that are comfortable and reasonably priced.  I would like a gift card so I can go buy more slacks, pocketbooks, and blouses.  (Sometimes I like talking like my grandma.)

Take my car to get detailed and get the oil changed 

I fucking HATE taking my car in for service or to get the oil changed or even just getting it washed.  I don't really know why.  It doesn't take that long, and it's not really that inconvenient, but I hate the crap out of it nevertheless, so if someone were to take my car and get it serviced/cleaned for me?  Well, that would be a mighty good gift!


Who doesn't need towels?  Everyone needs towels.  I would especially like it if I got those big, thick, fluffy spa-like towels that I probably won't buy for myself, because they're like $30 per towel and while I do tend to be frivolous about some things, I can't justify spending $30 on a towel.  Again. 

Fa la la la la la la la la! If you live in a region that carries this brand of beer, I highly recommend picking some up for yourself or as a gift for someone who likes beer.  The Christmas Ale sells out super quickly around here and for good reason.  It's a great beer, with a nice flavor of honey, cinnamon, and ginger, and when you pour it in a glass that's rimmed with brown sugar and cinnamon?  HOMG.  It's just delicious and Christmassy and a little magical*.  (*The magic might also lie in its 7.5% alcohol...)


    1. Thanks for the Sadness Glass picture, Pinky. I tried to upload the one my dad actually gave me (DEARGOD, it was hideous), but Blogger kept booting it and I threw a tantrum and gave up. I think I'll go drink a Christmas Ale from it right now!

    2. Damn, that Christmas Ale sounds delicious! Exactly the sort of beer that I like. Sadly, I'll just have to crave it, since I don't think Great Lakes Brewing Company beers are found this far east...