Monday, December 12, 2011

Kellogg's Special K Chocolatey Pretzel Bar: 90 Calories of NOM.

Pinky McLadybits

I took my own picture, but I eated it.

I have been on a diet since last December. Well, an eating program. Whatever. It's Weight Watchers, OKAY? Anyhow, I've lost 37 pounds this way. I'm always on the lookout for different foods to eat and still stay within my daily point allowance and I am so sick to death of frozen meals. I hate them unless they are a dessert or pizza. 

So, I grab lots of snack things. Fruit, chips, and Special K 90 Calorie Bars in lots of different flavors. At the grocery yesterday I spotted a new flavor: Chocolatey Pretzel. It sounded delicious! Was it? DUN DUN DUNNNNN!

Well, yeah. Didn't you read the title? Anyway, this morning I got hungry, but not hungry enough to get out the WW calculator or cook anything. Lazy hungry. I decided to give one of the Chocolatey Pretzels bars a whirl. In my mouth.

The bars are smallish, about the size that normal candy bars used to be before obesity ruled the day and wild Justin Biebers roamed the Earth. They have some crispy stuff mixed with various add-ins, (pretzels in this case) with a chocolate layer on the bottom to keep it all together. The pretzels are big enough to be crunchy but small enough to keep from giving me dry mouth. Of course the salt and the chocolate are divine together, as always. You've got the chewy of whatever the base is and whatever unholy mixture creates the little bit of cohesion and then the crunchy of the pretzels. It is so delicious. And only 2 points according to my WW app! YAY! I think even figgy would like these. But I won't bet on it (she hates all good things, but she loves HAMM)

Now I wait for the Chocolatey Potato Chip flavor. Get on that, Special K!

Rating: 7/8 tentacles


  1. Sweet! I'll have to check these out. I'm always looking for healthy snacks to have when my appetite is calling, but it's not really craving a good meal. :-) This also looks really convenient for nomming upon during breaks at rehearsals.

  2. I am quickly becoming a fan of Special K's snack line! I'll have to check this one out - love chocolate and pretzels together!

  3. HAAAMM! But yes, I'll definitely try these. Anything will be better than Kashi. Brr.