Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hot Links: If I Eat The Wolverine Cookie, Will He Regenerate?

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Daenerys was my favorite character in Game of Thrones and in the books. Well, Tyrion was too. And Arya! Jon Snow is pretty good...ANYWAY, someone made cupcakes that are strong like Dothraki! (justJENN Recipes)

Well that's just great. The time I tweeted about putting my bra on my dog's head to make a Weird Science joke will forever live in the Library of Congress. Still worth it. (Federal News Radio)

Have you ever looked at the reviews for odd Amazon products? There are some hilarious people out there with time on their hands. Start with these Otomix Baggy Workout Gym Pants in American Flag. Sample review: "What they don't tell you is that the two side seam pockets will neatly hold up to 24 Slim Jims."(Amazon)

Do you love photojournalism as much as our own MelodyLane does? Then you will ADORE The Atlantic's Year In Photos. (The Atlantic)

I'm not sure why you would buy Christmas gifts for the children of people that you hate, but I guess that's a thing. Gawker has rounded up some gifts that the kids will love and the parents will curse you for. (Gawker)

I don't like talking politics or arguing about things with people. It makes me sick to my stomach and nervous. But people saying that only the lazy people are the ones that suffer with our current insurance situation in this country make me even sicker. One woman decides maybe people aren't to blame for unavoidable things like a cancer diagnosis. Duh. (Jezebel)

Do you like reading? Writing reviews? The possibility of being published on a popular blog? Then you should look into signing up for Cannonball Read IV. Baby Goose would be proud. (Pajiba)

I like looking at old things and trying to guess what the hell they were used for. Neatorama's What Is It? game allows you to leave guesses in the comment section and win a shirt if you are correct. For game 204 I guess...finger smasher? (Neatorama)

The end of the year, the time when everyone makes lists of the Best <INSERT ANYTHING> Of The Year. Time Magazine decided to just go for it with the Top 10 Everything Of 2011. (Time)

I enjoy looking at wedding photos, celebrity or not, but these happen to be celeb wedding pictures. How many times has Shannen Doherty been married? I think that the Lily Allen picture is my favorite. I really want her to be happy for some reason. (PopSugar)

The Sexiest Emu Alive and FASSBENDER were spotted in very similar outfits at the Moet British Independent Film Awards. Take one guess as to which dude I think wore it better. (Accidental Sexiness)

I'd be more impressed with celebrities, like Willow Smith, if they purchased stuff for needy people and programs and didn't have the press there to cover it. Of course, then I wouldn't know about it and couldn't be impressed with that particular celebrity. Which means I might stop looking at them for a minute and they would cease to exist, like the giant signs from The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episode. Win-Win. (Just Jared)

What in the terrifying fuck is happening with J-Woww's face in this Maxim cover photo? Did she get lip plumping injections on only one side of her mouth? Did she make that face and someone smacked her on the back AND IT STUCK?!? Sweet godtopus, cover it up! (The Superficial)

And now to something else that looks melted. If I had an electric frying pan, I would definitely be making this for the family Christmas get-together:

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