Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hot Links: Yeah, that's Katherine Heigl. Please Continue Reading Anyway.


Katherine Heigl says she's "just that asshole who really wants everyone to like me." I was going to say "no scheisse, sweetheart," but I guess I admire her for owning it? And that's about the kindest thing I can say about La Heigl. (Celebitchy)

Apparently, and I know this is going to come as a shock to you, sitting on your ass can actually make it fatter. Yes, I know. I can't believe it either. (Gawker)

Here are a few tips from the Washington Post to help us slow the effects of aging. Clubbing past the age of 40 and rocking your daughter's jeggings are, amazingly, not on the list. (The Washington Post National)

Scientists have discovered the most Earth-like planet yet. It's a mere 600 light years away, and they're calling it the Christmas Planet. Awwwwwwww. (Mashable)

Vermont was again ranked the nation's healthiest state. There must be something in the air over there. Patchouli, maybe? (Boston.com)

Here are six gift ideas for your geeky mom. Also, if you do have a geeky mom, can I come over and play? I promise I won't touch her Yoda sculpture. (geeksugar)

Samsung has created a flexible, transparent tablet concept. The future is nigh, and I'm so glad I kept that box of metallic spandex pants. (Slashgear)

Two art students used 100,000 Facebook profile pictures to wallpaper an entire room, in an attempt to visualize the incredible amount of data and images that overwhelm us daily. This is why I'm always fully clothed in my profile pictures - you never know when one of your friends might start feeling artsy. (Creative Applications Network)

Who let Lea Michelle get out of the limo without a heavy dose of double-stick tape at last night's Los Angeles premiere of the (probably embarrassing to watch) New Year's Eve? Honey's honeybees are about to bzzzzz on out the hive. (Dlisted)

Pajiba's Joanna Robinson got her Fassbender on at a showing of Shame. I admit I'd never heard of the film before she wrote about it, but reading her review has catapulted it to the top of my Must-See List. (Pajiba)

Here's your daily dose of OMG!SQUEE!: An Irish Setter named Romy gave birth to FIFTEEN squirmy, snuggly, wriggly, fuzzy, puppy-scented little nuzzlers in one go. I want them all. (Fark)

Wrapping your feeble brain around a concept as difficult to comprehend as the size of the Universe is exhausting, y'all. This may - or may not - help. (Wired Science)

I saw this Golden Snitch ornament and immediately began shifting what's left on today's To Do List to make room for a visit to the craft store. GET ON MAH TREE. (Neatorama)

PayPal hates children, charity and Christmas. But they looooooove cats, damn it. (Regretsy)
(Here's an update - Pinky The PayPal Blog)

Good news for all you amateur porn stars out there! XXX web domains are now available to all. Huzzah? (techradar)

Let's take a stroll down meme-ory lane, shall we? Here's a look back on three years of the most popular internet memes. (Urlesque)

Pump up the volume at your holiday party with your very own DIY turntable. Good luck finding the working cassette player you'll need to construct it, Hard Harry. (Instructables)

I'm not even going to speculate on the amount of time it took to piece together these functional homemade TARDISes. (mental_floss)

Here are three products beauty experts refuse to use. Looks like I'll also be visiting the drug store today. (Divine Caroline)

Here are eight portraits of the cast of The Princess Bride, all grown up and fancified. Bill Crystal hasn't aged a day. Someone should look into that. (EW.com)

Buzzfeed gives us 12 Extremely Disappointing Facts About Popular Music. You may want to keep a box of tissues handy while reading this. Or maybe a puke bucket. (Buzzfeed)

Well, THAT put me in the mood for some good music. You too? Yesterday was all about talented ladies. Let's give the boys some love today.


  1. The woman who does my brows was *just* yelling at me this weekend about the evils of apricot/nut scubs! I will soon be on the hunt for a new--less harsh--facial scrub. (I like the sample she gave me, but I suspect it's out of my price range.)

  2. Tamatha - one that I've tried and I like, and which is gentle enough for everyday use, is Clinique's Seven Day Scrub Cream.

  3. I totally did not even know about all that pore-stretching stuff...Now I know why I look like an oil pit.