Friday, December 9, 2011

Hot Links: Thank You and You're Welcome


Clear some space on your living room walls, folks, and make room for these sublime hand-stitched Kanye West tweets. Like Yeezy say, that sh*t cray. (Etsy)

Here's the mother f*ckin' Periodic Table of Swearing, b*tches. (Modern Man)

I am 100% on board with the opinion that this is the absolute worst Tim Tebow tattoo ever inked. (Unathletic Magazine)

Motorola has won a patent lawsuit against Apple, resulting in the banning of the sales of iPhones and iPads in Germany. (The Next Web)

Because it's important to constantly remind our friends of just how geeky we are, here are a few places you might enjoy checking in to Facebook from. (Wired)

For all the wine drinkers out there (and right here, on my couch), here's a video explaining just how to tell if that bottle you brought home to watch Revenge with you is corked.

Do you dream of being a superhero but look terrible in spandex? Well, then, consider today your lucky day. Just for you, here are a few tips on how to perform a citizen's arrest. (Lifehacker)

If you're dreaming of creating the next amazing iPhone app, wake the hell up and get to work. Turns out it's harder than it seems. (Data Addict)

Punk Disney Princesses. I'd hate to run into Pocahontas in a dark alley. (Buzzfeed)

How to tell if that hot guy you're always making eyes at in the elevator has an STD. Using your nose. For SMELLING, perverts. (Gawker)

The best photos of the last week, from Life Magazine. (LIFE)

I love memes. I can't help myself, so this link is as much for me as it is for you - the Best Memes of 2011. This is also helpful for those of you who aren't familiar with internet memes. I hope it's cozy under that rock. (KnowYourMeme)

The semester is winding down to college students across the country, and that means one thing: FINALS. Haha, suckas! Here are the 15 phrases us oldtimers are likely to hear during finals week, and what they really mean. (College Humor)

In case you haven't yet received your daily dose of OMG!ADORABLE! yet, here are a few pictures of children impersonating rock stars. I want a baby Garth!!! (Mental Floss)

Just in time for the office party, here's a list of the most fattening holiday cocktails. I'm still waiting for the list of cocktails to avoid if you're not planning on blacking out and/or sleeping with your boss. (FitSugar)

I am linking to this for no other reason than ZAC EFRON IN A SCARF! SMILING! AT ME!!! (Esquire)

It's not that Dustin over at Pajiba didn't like New Year's's that he hated it. (Pajiba)

Men's Health Magazine has named Jennifer Aniston the "Hottest Woman of All Time." Um, OK. Sure. I guess. I probably would have chosen Elizabeth Taylor, but that's probably just my lack of penis talking. (Celebitchy)

This video of how to construct a "crazy" paper cylinder sucked me in and wouldn't let go.

And, because it's only a matter of time before they take over, and we're tinkling outside, here's a Husky showing his owners that he can get his own ice, thank you very much.

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