Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hot Links: Is That A Blaster in Your Pocket, Or...You Know


If you have someone in your life who's just starting out, or maybe is just starting out in the kitchen, here are some great gift ideas for the beginning cooks out there.  (The New York Times)

Thinking of heading to the theater to see Tintin, but aren't quite familiar with the character's history?   Here's a bit of reading you might be interested in.  (Neatorama)

These digital portraits, in which the model appears "shredded," are delightfully creepy.  Or maybe just creepy.  You decide.  (Flavorwire)

Have you got a little Dr. Who fan with a birthday coming up?  Here's everything you need to throw a Who-themed birthday party, complete with a Dalek smash cake.  (Craftzine)

I always knew the old girl had skills - here's Kim Jon-Il dropping the bass with a few famous DJs.  (KimJonIlDroppingTheBass)

Sometimes words mean what we think they mean.  Sometimes they mean so much more.  Here are 40 Mesmerizing Real Life Definitions of Commonly-Used Words and Phrases.  (SocialHype)

Is it possible that, after all this time, the secret to wiping out HIV may have been found?  In CANADA?  (Gawker)

Britney Spears became the first celebrity to surpass one million circles on Google +.  What's Google +?  (The Blog Herald)

Try to imagine what some of your favorite classic holiday movies might look and sound like if they came with an R rating.  Then click the link.  (Cracked)

Speaking of classics, what do you call something that's so damn classic it will NEVER go out of style?  Why, classic as f*ck, of course.  (Urban Dictionary)

Here are the Top Ten Wackiest Gadgets for your home.  There's no way I'd ever step out onto a fold-out balcony.  No way, man.  (HowStuffWorks)

Men's Health gives us a list of the best gifts for women.  How'd they do, ladies?  (Men's Health)

Last night I had a small, teeny, wee nerdgasm when I first saw the brand-new trailer for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.  And, lucky us, Pajiba's got the trailer and the movie poster to whet our geeky appetites.  You know where I'll be December 14, 2012.  (Pajiba)

It's totally possible for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to look lucid and content.  It doesn't happen often, but it's possible.  See?  (Go Fug Yourself)

Jessica Biel and my boy Justin Timberlake *may* have gotten engaged.  In Wyoming.  WHAT??!  (Celebitchy)

New Gingrich Bad Lip Reading.  I have no other words.

And finally, because no one does it better than Judy Garland, my favorite Christmas song of all time.  Only four days left, lovelies!  Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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