Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hot Links: Famewhores, Spies and Muppets, oh my!


The humans in every single of of these pictures were eventually eaten. True story.

I'm planning on taking guitar lessons after the New Year. On an actual guitar. Clearly, I'm not setting lofty enough goals - just look at what can be done on an iPad!

Speaking of finding new and innovative ways of harnessing technology to enrich our everyday lives, I give you the iSoDamnLazy.

Need some extra cash to buy those last minute Christmas gifts? How about a second job as a British spy? Just crack this code and you'll be sipping martinis and tossing Russkies off bridges before the bell is rung for afternoon tea.

You may think twice about plopping your little one on the knee of one of these Santas.

Turns out Carrier IQ is also tracking iPhones, and there's a way to turn it off. I probably should have finished reading the article before tossing mine into the toilet for "safekeeping."

I was wondering if Victoria's Secret might perhaps forego creating another of their so-called "Million Dollar" bras this year, what with times being as difficult as they are for so many. But lo, they have indeed continued this lovely holiday tradition, and what's more, the 2011 version costs a whopping $2.5 million. Ho ho ho!

Fans of Doctor Who might enjoy this ingenious cubicle design. I must say, it's quite impressive, and really does look bigger on the inside.

Here are five inaccurate "historical" stories that somehow still made it into American history books. Really, my dears, if you still buy any of these, you probably shouldn't bother trying to crack that British spy code I mentioned earlier.

I much prefer calling it "Lady Commando," but in case you were wondering, here's the Urban Dictionary definition for "Freeboobing." Indeed.

This bit of hilarity is currently making the rounds over on Facebook. If Bennett doesn't remind you of anyone in your life, well, bless your little sheltered heart.

For you wacky sports nuts out there, here's a quick lunchtime quiz on all the expansion teams in the four major American sports (since 1976 - sorry oldtimers).

The Stodden Era is nigh. Hide yo...coochie cutters and frosted lipsticks?

Dustin at Pajiba REALLY doesn't want you to see Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie. Well, he's not the mom of me!

See, boys? There are reasons why we're always trying to get you to cuddle afterward. It could save your lives!

And finally, speaking of cuddly, I give you (one of) my boyfriend(s), Bruno Mars, along with a few residents of Sesame Street, singing about doing your best and never giving up when things become a little bit difficult. Also, C is for Cookie (which, really, when I think about it long and hard, truly is good enough for me).

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