Monday, December 19, 2011

Hot Links: Brad Pitt Knows What He's Wearing on New Year's Eve. Do You?


Brad Pitt spent his 48th birthday in Las Vegas with his family. I can't even begin to wrap my head around Brad Pitt being 48 years old, so I'm just going to stop trying. (Celebitchy)

In this week's edition of their YouTube Cover Song Contest, Mashable has pitted ten covers of Gavin DeGraw's "Not Over You" against each other.  Which one do you like best (if listening to that song ten times over doesn't drive you too mad to make a choice)?  (Mashable)

Thinking of picking up a new Android phone (what, the iPhone isn't GOOD ENOUGH for you?), but not sure of which one to snatch?  Here's a list of the 5 Best Android Phones of 2011.  (Geeknaut)

Oooh, here's a lovely collection of Steampunk Disney Characters.  My favorite is Ursula.  (The Mary Sue)

DOUBLE OOOH!  The fine artists at Draw2D2 have put together a few amazing Marvel/A Christmas Story mashups.  I may never get the image of Wolverine as Ralphie in the bunny costume out of my head.  And that's a good thing.  (Draw2D2)

In honor of our very own Figgy, and she knows perfectly well why, I give you Santa's Derpy Reindeer.  (Buzzfeed)

For those of us who use our phones or iPads for anything BUT making phone calls or, you know, work, this list of the Top 20 iPhone and iPad Games of 2011 is the best gift ever.  (Techcrunch)

In 1988, a group of 59 fifth graders in Price George's County, Maryland, were promised a college education by two wealthy businessmen.  Click the link to find out what happened. (The Washington Post)

North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Il has died.  It's a shame, really, because it also means the death of Kim Jong-Il Looking At Things.  And that's a tragedy.  (Kim Jong-Il Looking At Things)

Here's today's Google-a-Day Puzzle.  Shake the dust off your thinking...thing.  (Wired)

Determined to have a White Christmas, no matter what that wench Mother Nature has up her sleeve?  This DIY snowmaking machine may be just the thing for you.  (Lifehacker)

Here's an interesting look at the evolution of Santa Claus, from saint to commercial goldmine.  (Neatorama)

Ever been arrested?  No?  Well, if you're under the age of 23, you need to get on top of that.  It's no big deal, brah.  (Gawker)

Need to spice up life in your cubicle farm?  Check out this list of high-tech office gadgets.  (HowStuffWorks)

You're a man.  You've got a dog.  You've got to name that dog.  What do you do?  WHAT DO YOU DO?  (Art of Manliness)

Pajiba has put together a list of The 20 Highest Grossing Historical Fiction Films of All Time.  It's a good thing, too, because I never thought I'd get to it with all this last-minute Christmas shopping I've yet to do.  (Pajiba)

Why is there a World Lightbulb-Eating Record.  WHY? (Via RecordSetter)

And, finally, because CUTE WINS.  Always.  Gracious, I can't even stand it.  Have a fabulous, stressless-ish Monday, everyone!

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