Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Herbacin Kamille Hand & Nail Balm - Takes on Canadian Winter and Wins!


Canada can be one tricky bitch.  

She reels you in with the free health care and politeness.  She makes you feel comfortable with her safe borders and the soothing sounds of “aboot” and “eh”.  Then, just when you aren’t expecting it: BAM! She throws freezing, skin-cracking weather at you for at least a third of the year.  

This means that frequent topics of conversation between Canadians during the winter months are: 1) How it's aboot freezin'  2)  What skin cream will stop you from having chapped itchy hands 24/7  and 3) some boring thing about Hockey that I don’t listen to.   
However, I never ignore a hand cream conversation because I try to avoid having hands that look like they belong to a bare-knuckled boxer with anger issues.

I’ve tried a lot of creams over the years, but I like Herbacin the best.  It’s got a thick, non-greasy texture and, unlike some other products, it doesn’t require constant re-application.  The cream soaks in quickly and leaves my skin soft.  It does not leave me smelling like that gross "punch you in the face with floral smells" Grandma perfume (sorry Grandma).  

I really like that there are small travel-sized versions of the products that you can easily slip into your purse.  This is perfect if you are like me, and sometimes forget to put lotion on in the morning.  The lotion is very gentle and doesn’t burn when you, say, have to rub it into your angry chapped skin because you can’t get your life together enough to have a regular morning routine, despite the fact that you’re 30 years-old Godammnit!   Ahem...cough

However, if the preceding description describes you, be aware that the travel size Herbacin’s container is very thin plastic and it can burst in your purse.  Note to self, I really need to get a regular morning routine so that doesn’t happen again.

The non-purse destroying bottle style
I give the product 6.5 out of 8 tentacles.  I’m sure for the average, non-accident prone person it would be a sure 7 out of 8.  However, having a thoroughly moisturized purse interior soured me slightly on the packaging.

Rating: 6.5/8

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