Thursday, December 15, 2011

Figgy's Wish List: Gadgets, Perfumes, Chocolate and Hamm


1. Do y'all know how much I love Parks and Recreation? I can't even tell you, because it'd make me look more batshit insane than I already do. So, for the first time in my life I'm craving some TV Show Swag.

I want so much. Like the book:

How about a Ron Swanson shirt?

Look at that magnificent mustache!


Finally, a Mouse Rat shirt:

"I fell into the fell into the pit...we all fell into the piiiiiiiiiit!"

Um...OK, so that was a whole bunch of stuff, but I just want one. Or two.

2. Versace Bright Crystal Gift Set

This is my Holy Grail of perfumes. I've come *this* close to getting it for myself, but $80 is a whole lot of money to throw out for something, no matter how good it smells. I've gotten samples galore for this and have always gotten compliments from co-workers and even random strangers. Last year it came with this gorgeous tote bag which almost made the price worth it, so I'm hoping this year Versace will come out with something even better. But still, super expensive.

3. Computer with a webcam

My laptop is from 2006, which makes it positively ancient when it comes to computers. Aside from the fact that I can't move it at all because the power cord broke like 3 years ago, there's not much else wrong with it. But I want a webcam. I want to indulge in taking pictures of myself and spend hours video chatting with people. Or my family in Honduras. Sometimes. Any brand would do, really, I'm not that picky. So long as it has a good text program, the internet, and a webcam, I'm good.

4. New glasses

Boring, but sadly necessary and way overdue.

5. Cookie Monster Cookie Jar

I want it. It must be mine. Honestly, I just want a nice, funny, funky cookie jar. But this one would be so perfect. Or one like that, anyway.

6. China Ink and Pen

I need to get back to doing some artsy things, and this is one medium I've always wanted to explore more- specially combining it with watercolors. Need to get up off my lazy bum and do it.

7. New Phone

I'm gonna have a hard time deciding between a phone and a computer. I have a used iPod Touch that shuts itself off at random times, takes screenshots whenever I hit the main button and has a earphone jack that's broken. It's a piece of crap.

8. This shirt:

Have you read "Hark! A Vagrant" yet? It's my favorite web comic of all time. I own her book, and the pony is my absolute favorite.

9. Gift card to Barnes & Noble

I got a gorgeous little Nook from my husband for my birthday, and now I need books to put on it. New books. that I can't get for free.


Self-explanatory. The more the better.

I like scarves. A lot.

Extras: Jon Hamm wrapped up in a bow. Clothes from Banana Republic. A nice purse.

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