Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Top Ten Celebrity Halloween Costumes: 2011 Edition

Author: Metric Jenn

I hope everyone had a safe, happy, sugar-fuelled, and drunk Halloween. I selflessly spent it in my pyjamas scouring the internet to bring you, the masses, a compilation of this year's celebrity Halloween, worst, sluttiest...this list is a compilation of the ten that really struck me as cute, unique, original, humorous, or just well done. So really it's just my opinion at work here. Should you disagree, feel free to call me an idiot in the comments.

Ali Larter has the paparazzi abuzz.
 (I'm sorry. Sometimes the puns just take me over. It's a sickness.)

Little Red Riding Hood *wishes* she looked as good as Jamie Lee Curtis at age 53.

I hate Glee (yeah, I said it), but I love this costume and appreciate Matthew Morrison's effort.
Chase Crawford from Gossip Girl (I don't watch it, but have been informed that I should);
He's a Ninja Turtle. I can't be cranky with him for that.
But I do have to question authenticity when I don't see him eating pizza.

I don't really understand what Coco's costume has to do with convict Ice-T,
I'm just grateful to be spared from camel toe.

Leona Lewis as a dead Prom Queen. I love the letterman's jacket touch.
Plus she seems like she'd be a lot of fun to get ready with!

Allan Cumming as an old-timey boxer? AWESOME.
But now I'll be speaking in a fast, oldies radio voice for the next 2 days.

Sofia Vergara from Modern Family demonstrates excellent taste in games and costumes.

Damn this family for being too freaking cute.
Let's all be jealous of how much fun Alyson Hannigan's and Alexis Denisof's kid is clearly having.

1) The #1 Halloween costume is brilliant on so many levels - but the entrance of this particular person was also excellent - rolled in on a mortuary slab. Check it out:

Seriously, Heidi Klum...I have no words to express how cool I think this is.
Anyway, so there you have it - Halloween 2011 has come and gone, and celebrities got a chance to really dress up, since they never are allowed that opportunity. I would appreciate any and all suggestions of costumes for next year, just in case I decide to de-hermitize myself and attend a party.  

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  1. Those are some great costumes! As for that whole Gossip Girl thing, it's really only worth watching the first couple of seasons. And only those if you have nothing else to watch.