Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pinky's Thanksgiving Thank Yous

Pinky McLadybits

Of course I'm thankful for all the normal things: my husband, my daughter, other family, friends, money, food, roof over my head, etc. I'm also thankful for some material things. Don't look at me that way! You know when that overzealous family member insists on going around the table and putting everyone on the spot to tell what they are thankful for, you want to scream "MY XBOX!" or "NOT LIVING WITH YOU!" or "SEX LAST NIGHT!" Don't be ashamed. Here are some of the things I am thankful for, though you should just assume that sex is always on the list.

1. Yuengling Lager

My state just got Yeungling Lager, AKA NECTAR OF THE GODS!, on November 14th. That is shenanigans. I have a friend who would always tell of the wonders of this Yeungling and I thought he was insane. More insane than usual. "It is beer," I thought. "Only beer." How wrong I was! That same friend had Yeungling at his wedding and I was hooked. This is the smoothest, tastiest, most eyes-rolling-back-in-your-head-from-delight tasting lager in the universe. You bet your somethingorother that I bought a 12 pack the day it hit the shelves here. Before 9am. And then I drank one that night. Before 5pm. Oh. My. Gah.

I go there nearly once a week. I buy many, many things there. The cashiers know me. They make nice things and well-priced things. Their clearances can be AHMAHZING. Oh, Target! Never leave me!

3. Mystery Science Theater 3000

Specifically the episodes with Mike Nelson. I suppose Joel is alright, but Mike and the 'bots were my first look at my obsession. Plus, Mike is way hotter than Joel. Anyway, when I need a laugh I watch MST3K. When I need background noise I watch MST3K. Pinky Jr. adores MST3K (The Crawling Eye and The Blood Waters of Dr. Z are her favorites) and it just makes me happy. Rifftrax is, of course, included in this thankfulness.

4. Glitter

Not the movie. Glitter. The sparkly, shiny flakes of awesome that make you feel girly when you put them on your nails or body. The stuff that people think of when you say fairy dust. It makes nearly all things better: nails, eyeshadow, stripper heels, decorations, phone cases, purses, parties, underwear, ALL THINGS.

5. Blu-ray Player and LG 42" Television

This isn't my TV or Blu-ray. But you get the idea.
I have panic/anxiety disorder. This means that when I go places where there are lots of people bumping into me or surrounding me, I get freaked. Pop a Xanax and shake until it kicks in kind of freaked. Needless to say, I don't hit up the movie theater very much. Our HD tv and Blu-ray have made it so I don't really miss the theater. The picture rocks my face off and the Blu-ray also allows us to rent moves from Amazon or Vudu, stream from Netflix, and watch "Drunken History" on YouTube (I suppose YouTube has other stuff...). I love them so much.

I'd like to say thank you to all of the readers and the people that have helped me take Hot Ink from an offhand idea and make it into the site you are reading right now. Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving (if you celebrate that)!!

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