Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Neutrogena Wave: The Wave of the Future?

Metric Jenn

I think it goes without saying that I am a lazy person. If there is a gadget out there that will do something for me, I am all over that like Lindsay Lohan on a pile of cocaine. Prepping for bedtime is a gadget-less endeavour, which usually means I say "screw this" and crawl into bed half-clothed, with a face full of gunk. My bedtime routine was irreversibly changed the moment I stumbled upon the Neutrogena Wave. The price here in Canada was a semi-reasonable $16.99, with a separate package of 30 foaming face pad refills for $6.99. I was intrigued. It said it would clean my skin 10X deeper than if I washed by hand. It would revolutionize face washing for good! Hmmmmm....

I waited a full week to review this product because I wanted to give it a fair shake. I am such the consummate professional.

Anyhoodle, both the box and the website state that the Wave will give you softer skin after the very first use. I can certainly vouch for that. My skin never felt smoother - as for cleaner, I wasn't entirely convinced. However, it was only Day One, so I refrained from rushing to judgment (rare and completely out of character for me). The Wave itself, is a small, palm-sized gadget that has a flat end to which you attach the foaming face pad. You then hit the power button, place the foaming pad on your face and move it around. The vibrations loosen all the dirt and oil clogging your pores.

By the end of the fourth use, I definitely could see and feel the difference in softness. Not only that, but I could see reduction in pore size on my nose; which I was incredibly pleased with. Large pores aren't anything other people notice - but they do play havoc with my neuroses.

I have to say that I was incredibly skeptical of this product and thought I was throwing away $24 (prices vary depending on where you buy). It turns out that this $24 was put to good use...not like that OTHER $24 I used to buy this time machine:
Nipple clamps not pictured.
My one and only complaint is that the vibrations from the gadget can kind of make it feel like your hand goes numb. It's like they aren't focused solely on your face, and therefore seems like wasted energy to me. Thus, I give The Wave 7/8 tentacles. I will definitely continue to use it, and am looking forward to seeing even longer-term results.

Rating: 7/8 Tentacles

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  1. I have this thing, and I agree; mostly I just use the scrubby pad manually, since the vibration thing was a little tooth-jarring. It does work, though.