Monday, November 28, 2011

Kiss Nail Artist Paint & Stencil Kit: Kiss My....

Pinky McLadybits

Painting my nails is something that I enjoy doing. However, I get tired of just one color and no designs on my nails. I don't want to pay someone to do fancy shapes and such for me. I'm not made of money! I decided to grab either some of the nail art strips I've seen or one of these Nail Artist Kits. Obviously I decided to get the Kiss Nail Artist Paint & Stencil Kit.

The kit was under $7 at Target and included black, white, and silver sparkle as the nail paint colors. There were also 30 stencils included, from flowers to bones and suns to birds. Seemed legit.

I used my ULTA Basecoat and then applied two coats of Wet n Wild Wild Shine in French White Cream, 449C. I chose the Harlequin pattern of four diamonds and the black nail paint. I would have liked to do black and red for the diamonds, but I wanted to stick with the nail paint included in the kit.

The stencils have little tabs at the top and peel easily from the plastic backing. I also had no trouble getting the stencil to stick to my nail, even after removing and re-applying it several time to get it as centered as possible. I should say now that there is only one stencil for each design. This is a problem. Although the stencil seemed durable at first, I soon realized that I was mistaken. I stenciled my thumbnail first, and the only problem was when I didn't completely fill in one diamond. No big deal. I waited a few moments and then peeled the stencil off. No problem. I applied the stencil to my index finger and applied the nail paint. Upon removal, there was definite streaking from the diamonds and the stencil removal. Uh oh.

My middle finger was a better application, but my ring finger and pinky received misshapen diamonds and smearing from the stencil. There were no directions included with the kit, so I thought perhaps I should allow the stencil to dry before attempting my right hand. This was after ruining my right thumb. Oops. Here is the progression of the deterioration of the stencil:
First nail done. Excellent.


Starting with the index finger, things got steadily worse until...

After attempting to let the stencil dry.

As you can see, the stencil does not maintain its shape or ability to competently block the polish from looking like shit. This is not alright. Huge disappointment for me, though I suppose you could choose one finger from each hand to honor with the nail art. 

I attempted to paint my mother's nails, thinking that it would be easier to do on someone else. WRONG. The nail paint somehow didn't adhere to the nail at all and the nail stencil wasn't reusable after the first nail. Awful. That and the fact that using the long brushes to draw anything other than dots or lines was near impossible for me earns this kit 0/8.

Rating: 0/8 tentacles

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