Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I'm Just A Girl With A New Haircut: Salon Services At ULTA

Pinky McLadybits

I have thick hair. Half of my hair would make an awesome weave for a Kardashian and still leave me with more than enough to look good. I've learned to live with the idea that I can only get certain haircuts because of the thickness of my hair. I also still remember the horror of hairdressers from as recently as five years ago being unable to properly cut my hair. 

I've had layers hacked into my hair, bangs created by grabbing a handful of hair and chopping, my hair cut short and some sort of tail left behind (?), and I've been charged more money than other people and I've had stylists take 2 hours to cut my hair. Two hours. Unacceptable. As such, I am severely picky about who cuts my hair, but I'm price-conscious too. Enter ULTA.

The mall near my house decided to compete with fancy-pants malls nearby and add a bunch of stuff to the outside. One of these stores was ULTA, which I don't believe I'd ever been to before. They had a coupon for haircuts and I decided to give them a try. I've been going back ever since, through about three different stylists.

Each of the stylists are trained well and are quite knowledgeable about their craft. They will get to know you, ask you lots of questions, and the won't pressure you into doing something that you aren't comfortable with. Which is very important to me. Most of all, they know how to cut all hair types. They don't charge extra for thick or unmanageable hair, and they don't take three hours to do a simple trim. 

I had an appointment with my stylist yesterday at 11am. I arrived a couple of minutes early and got a friendly greeting from my stylist. She asked if we were just getting a cut, though we had talked about more hair color last time (when I got the dark red streaks). Then I told her I had decided to get bangs. "I haven't had bangs since they were thick and ugly to have!" I told her. She laughed and asked how I wanted the bangs. I'm always kind of vague with my answers, but she is always able to translate what I tell her into exactly what I want. 

She also told me that there was no reason to do any color since my red streaks were holding up so well. She did tell me that there would be a special for the Christmas season that would make the cost of my streaks only $20. She never pressured me on that front. Before she cut the bangs, she assured me that she would start with them long and then go from there. If they looked bad, she told me that we would be able to figure out what to do with them, as far as sweeping them to the side or pinning them back. Awesome. However, she ended up doing this to my hair:

And that's a new shirt! Thanks, Lainey!

I love my hair! The best part is that the cut is only $35! I'm sorry, but for the skill of their stylists, the friendliness of all of the stylists, and wash, dry, and style included? You cannot beat that. Unless you want to go to SuperCuts for something cheaper. Good luck with bringing back the femullet.

I know that experiences can vary from person to person and different stores, but I highly suggest taking ULTA into consideration next time you want a hair cut. They offer tons of salon services and really know what they are doing.

Rating: 8/8 tentacles 

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