Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hot Links: Tits...and an Ass


Apparently any ol' douchebag with oily hair and a Kardashian meal ticket can be a dad....twice. Congratulations, world!!!

Rest in peace, Patrice O'Neal. You made me laugh, and not just on those VH1 nostlagia specials (though I really do love the 80s).

If you're having trouble finding that perfect toy for the youngster in your life, or if you truly enjoy punching out enemy shoppers because you just have to purchase the MOST popular gift, then Squidoo has got the list for you.

Turns out some electric cars may catch fire if you're not careful with how much electricity you inject into their batteries. Anyone else feel like making out with a gas pump right now?

How to find the meaning of Christmas, in spite of all the excess nonsense that comes with it each year (thanks to darling Ian for the link).

Pajiba's listed the 2011 Independent Spirit Award nominations, and it's an impressive grouping of OHMYGORSH RYAN GOSLING IS SOOOOO DREAMY (EEEEEEEE!).

You know, I sometimes really do miss twisting the phone cord around my finger. Plus, you know, no one was recording or otherwise manipulating the conversations I had with my high school boyfriend.

The New York Times has released its list of the Ten Best Books of 2011, and, just like it does every year, it reminds me that I need to spend more time reading...something other than Us Magazine.

So, the very first beer launched into space is Natty Light? Shoot, if the alien invaders didn't think we were weak sauce before, this clinches it.

Finally, many of us have difficulty finding a bra that fits properly, and this video does a fairly good job of demonstrating proper bra fit techniques. Oh, who am I kidding, I'm posting it because the bird in the brassiere is hot.

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