Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hot Links: No, Not The Sausage Kind

Pinky McLadybits

Ever wanted to see Anthony Bourdain nude? Well, too bad.

Ten is my favorite Doctor, so much so that I've slacked on watching Doctor Who because I don't want Eleven. Apparently Captain Jack Harkness feels the same way! 

Do you enjoy decorating your home? Renovating? All things style? Then you'll love the blog House*Tweaking, written by someone I went to school with since kindergarten!

Maybe you've already seen this, but I do love the site Beautiful Swear Words. Illustration of the word fart? Yes, please!
Why would you claim someone is the father of your baby when it is a) Justin Bieber and b) outing you as a statutory rapist? I'd cry during an interview too.

STOP THE PRESSES! Or the Famewhore Train, whichever. Courtney Stodden went on television to prove her boobs are real. FINALLY, YOU GUYS. I've been waiting for this for 13 out of her 15 minutes of fame!

Is this a Katy Perry baby bump? Or did she just eat a full meal before her appearance. I hope the answer is BOTH.

Eye candy. And I'm not ashamed of that.

I love to cook and bake (but I hate the cleanup). Confessions Of A Cookbook Queen has tons of cute and tasty recipes to try!

Looking for something a bit healthier? Try Skinnytaste!

Do you think Metric Jenn would like these sunglasses? Me neither.

This Public Toilet Survival Kit sounds like something I need. 

Dustin Rowles at Pajiba has compiled a list of The 75 Greatest Last Film Lines of The Modern Era. Read it and argue about it in the comments, won't you?

Want to know how not to use a ladder? Me, I don't need any help in that department, but for those of you that do:

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  1. Between the man candy and discovering there is a winewoot, you have made my day a LOT better!