Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Getting All Philosophical: Philosophy's Purity Made Simple


I have finicky skin that is almost entirely unpredictable. This week I took a job working backstage at a local theater on short notice so I ran out and bought a couple new black shirts. One of them was a turtle neck. I wore shirt one without pre-washing? No problems. I wore the turtleneck shirt without pre-washing and my neck developed hives.

I can break out if I haven’t washed my pillow in a while, or if I washed it recently with the wrong fabric softener. I once got my eyebrows threaded and woke up the next morning to a cute line of zits exactly where said threading had occurred. This has happened to me my whole life and I have had to use trial and error with almost everything my skin comes into contact with, especially things like facial cleansers.

Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple cleanser is one of the more expensive cleansers I’ve tried and, to my chagrin and my wallet’s dismay, one of the few that works really well for me without any irritation or over-drying. I use about a dime sized drop per washing, which is enough to cover my face and neck. It doesn’t lather, which did take a little getting used to, but does clean well and when I rinse my face it feels very refreshed and clear. It’s good at removing most makeup, though mascara tends to end up on my bottom lid and eyeliner takes a little extra work to get off with a towel after I’ve rinsed my face.

I don’t have particularly oily skin and I’ve never been prone to acne of any kind, and Purity hasn’t affected that too much. My skin seems to be slightly clearer using this than it has using other products, but for me washing my face is more about having my skin feel and look clean rather than acne problems. For someone with problem skin or persistent acne, a stronger cleanser may been needed.

I’ll give Philsophy’s Purity Made Simple 6/8 tentacles. It’s a good basic cleanser if you’ve got sensitive and picky skin that’s not prone to acne. But, if you’ve got skin that can handle your run of the mill Neutrogena without feeling like you’ve scrubbed off two layers of skin? I’d advise sticking with that for your bank account’s sake.

Rating: 6/8 tentacles

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