Friday, November 18, 2011

brushlab Ionic & Static-Resistant Brush: Brush Me Like One of Your French Ponies

Pinky McLadybits

I got an ad from ULTA yesterday, filled with lots of great deals and the news that I had earned a free reward from Level 3 with their customer rewards program. What to get? Eyeliner? Eyeshadow? Some sort of styling stuff for my hair? Or a hair brush? I went with the hair brush since I've never bought myself a brush made specifically for making my hair better. 

I thought it was time to grab something that had bristles that didn't rip hairs out of my scalp. One that might help tone down fly-aways, frizz, or help smooth my thick hair. 

After narrowing my choices by price (I could only get a free brush up to $8), I begin to check the shelf tags for intended hair types. It is not really a priority to have many choices for people with thick, sometimes wavy hair. When I saw the blue brushlab Ionic & Static-Resistant brush, I decided to give it a try.

The grip on the brush is squishy, but not too squishy, allowing for a much better grip than the shitty brush from who-knows-where I currently use. The bristles are rubberized and purport to "separate hair evenly for faster hair drying". I don't know about all of that, as I am notorious for letting my hair air dry. I do know that I adore the way the bristles feel on my scalp. It takes me back to being draped on the couch, my head on my Memaw's lap, and her just-the-right-length nails scratching my head. Score one for the fancy hair brush.

The bristles are supposed to, of course, reign in static and fly-aways. I can say that I actually saw a difference when using this brush. Since I have thick hair, prone to being wavy, and I let it air-dry most days, you can bet that I have some problem with static and general frizz. Especially in cold weather. I ran the brushlab brush through my hair and saw that the static dissipated immediately, leaving me with normal, shiny hair. Fancy brush scores again!

Unfortunately, leaving the house in fleece shirts and having cold wind and colder temperatures create frizz is something the brush can't really combat. I brushed my hair after returning from outside and still had static until I ran my fingers through my hair. Not cool. 

I find myself brushing my hair every time I pass the closet that the brush lives in, which is not something I usually do. I really like the brush, but I wouldn't pay for it. I give this 5/8 tentacles, as I  love that it was free.

Rating: 5/8 tentacles

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