Friday, November 11, 2011

The Body Shop: Bronzing Beads...Bees? Bzzz, bzzz, bzzz...Gob's Not On Board.

 Metric Jenn

I am a huge fan of Arrested Development, which is why the title of this post may seem a wee bit insane to a lot of readers. I even named my dog after Gob. The most brilliant character ever. ANYWAY...On to the product: The Body Shop has a product called Brush-On Beads. I first bought them about 7 years ago, when their packaging was a bit different. Needless to say that even though "Gob is not on board" with the concept of beads; I, Metric Jenn, most definitely *am*.  Who wouldn't be impressed with a product that makes your complexion glow? A crazy person who hates natural beauty, that's who!

I'm going to be completely honest you, I had a giant bias against The Body Shop make-up prior to trying these beads. I loved their bath products and fragrances, but got all up my own ass about the make-up line. I do that sometimes, actually. If someone tells me that they *know* that I'll love something, then I'll spitefully turn around and avoid that thing like the plague. To this day I haven't seen the movie Batman Begins simply because a good friend said that it was right up my alley. Or, I'll just get an idea in my head and be a crazy stubborn jerk about it. Case in point: The Body Shop make-up line.

Well, thankfully I pulled my head out of my butt, and bought the bronze beads - my cheek bones and décolletage have thanked me ever since.

These beads are described on The Body Shop's website as having light-diffusing particles as well as pearl pigments. The price at 21$ is fairly reasonable for a product that lasts a long time. Not only that, but it is currently on sale on their website for $14.70 - and who isn't looking to save some cash this holiday season?

I apply the powder after foundation/concealer using a large powder brush to roll the balls around (my gutter mind just thought up 3 dirty jokes in a split second); then I brush it lightly over my cheeks and strategic areas (my chest/décolletage, because BOOBS). This helps especially in the winter, when my skin tone is pasty and gross and needs all the help it can get.

My only annoyance with this product is when the beads get stuck in the brush and I randomly smear them on my face, but that's more my fault than the make-up's; and so I must give this product a rating of 8/8 tentacles - PLEASE try this if you are looking to make your skin glow a bit brighter this winter!

Rating: 8/8 tentacles.

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