Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wait Until You Get an Eyeful of *This*.

Author: Metric Jenn

Last night I found myself bored. It was a Friday night, and after getting home from a long week of work, all I wanted to do was grab dinner and stare at the tv. Of course, that didn't happen and I had to run errands. So off I went, like the worn-out, beaten-down-by-life government worker I am.

I stepped into Shoppers Drug Mart (Canada. And FYI, still not snowing here - YAY.) with a package to mail, and a short list of things to grab before I could zip home to the warm embrace of my pyjamas. Then BAM. I saw it. Purple and shiney. My twin kryptonites.

And get this! My kryptonite was only $5.95. Yep. You heard me. $5.95. There were 4 colours, and I only bought one: The Rimmel Eyeful Eye Glistener #200, Straight Laced. I should have collected them all. Like Pokeman. But less retarded. And more "holy crap, look at the amazing highlighted job it does on my eyes!"

This product is not really a pencil-based makeup. It's more of a glide-on gel-like substance that is in pencil form, but not sticky or gross. Normally, I am a powdered eye shadow girl. I have my every day basics and I rarely vary the routine. Why mess with a good thing, right?

Well get a load of this - I freaking LOVE this product. It was inexpensive, went on smooth, and looks bloody amazing. Check it out:

Ok, so that clearly isn't me, but I'm at Starbucks and not willing to take gratuitous self-portraits like a duck-lipped, self-involved trashy teenager, but this isn't far off from what I have going on right now. I'm not a good hand at the under-eye part, so just picture the top part.

With this product a primer is necessary as it tends to move into the creases of your eye folds. It goes on easily, and comes off just as easily. You can use it as a liner, for full eye coverage, or to highlight and set-off another shade. I've mentioned before that I like to combine eye liners and this is designed with blending and highlighting primarily in mind. I love it so much that I'm making this a new part of my makeup routine.

So here we go: final verdict? 7/8 tentacles. It loses ONE tentacle simply because of how easily it moves into the creases if you don't first apply primer. Aside from that, this product is awesome. For a price that I can't really argue with, considering I've spent over 40$ on one eye shadow not even a week ago. Shush...I know I'm ridiculous. Anyhow - back to the point. I'm going to buy every single other colour in this product. I must. It's too good not to. You should go and grab some too.

Rating: 7/8 tentacles

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