Monday, October 3, 2011

Bumpy Bikini Lines Begone!

We're going to be very honest here - there is nothing more appalling before a day at the beach than looking downwards at your beach-ready bod (or while putting on your brave face, as is the case with your Editors) and seeing two strips of bumpy red spots at the top of your inner thighs.

It's the worst. Having ingrown hairs and/or red irritated skin post-shave is absolutely unnerving - if you're supposed to be wearing clean underwear at all times, in case of opportunity or emergency, how then do you deal with these little event-ruiners that will require a fumbly, awkward discussion should you happen to get into one of those situations?

Never fear - we have an old stri...'exotic dancer' trick-of-the-trade for you: immediately post shave, pat dry and run some anti-antiperspirant along the newly-shaved skin. It can't be deodorant - antiperspirant does it. We're prone to awful looking bumps, and this worked immediately.

We're never looking back, and further - we're sort of contemplating if it isn't too late to learn some other tricks that have to do with shimmying?

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