Monday, October 31, 2011

Boy, Is My Face NOT Red!: Clinique Redness Solutions Foundation

Author: Nepoleanita

I have a red face. Like, really red. People are constantly asking me if I'm ok because I always look flushed, like I'm angry or overheated. I tried all sorts of makeup and creams and oils and powders and nothing worked. Mineral powders helped, but my skin got really dried out by them and I still looked flushed, just not as much. I even got myself checked for rosacea. Nope. I just have a red face. I'd resigned myself to a life of strangers commenting on my health and well-being.

Until now. Clinique Redness Solutions foundation with Probiotic Technology

This foundation is not kidding. It's the solution I was looking for. And I stumbled onto it by complete accident. I was wandering around a department store when the woman behind the Clinique counter straight up told me "I can help you with your redness." I scoffed, but hey, free makeover, so you bet I got in that chair and let her go to town. She could tell I didn't believe her that it would work, so she only did half my face at first. I've recreated the effect for you below:

Here is my face with no makeup at all:

Here I've used Clinique Redness Solution on one side of my face: 

And finally, I've put it on my whole face: 

Here's a side-by-side of the first and last pictures:


I absolutely love this foundation, because it's the first thing I've used that actually covered the red. I will gladly keep giving Clinique the totally affordable $25 every six months and reaping in their awesome Gift with Purchase deals. And since they make sure all of their products are hypoallergenic, it doesn't make my freakishly sensitive skin go bonkers and peel off. 

I give Clinique Redness Solutions foundation 8/8 tentacles because I would cheerfully pay twice as much for something that works this well.

Rating: 8/8 tentacles


  1. OH MY it green? I love green foundation. It doesn't just reduce the redness, it creates such a gorgeous, creamy cover under the rest of your make up.

    I use powder or creams, i don't care, green is queen.

  2. It's not noticably green. I have tried other green tinted items and they just made me look dead.