Tuesday, October 25, 2011

7 Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Author: Pinky McLadybits

Sometimes you think to yourself, "Ugh, I am too damn old to go out for Halloween. I can't trick-or-treat without getting dirty looks from people. I don't know anyone that's having a party. Meh. No costume this year!" So you prepare for a Halloween evening spent in sweatpants, watching the Final Destination series, and handing out candy to costumed kids.

And then, like magic, someone decides to have a party and you suddenly need to slap together something other than Sweatpants Lady for a costume. I've been there, believe me. I present to you my ten ideas for easy and non-lame costumes that you can throw together with some items most people have on hand at home. Be warned, I'm a pop culture freak, so these won't be plain or pun-filled.

1. Charlie Brown As A Ghost

This was actually Figgy's costume last year! All you need is a white sheet and some black construction paper (or markers, since you'll be cutting eye holes and ruining the sheet anyway). Put the sheet over your head and figure out where your eye holes will need to be. Cut them out. Cut similar-sized circles from the black construction paper and then glue or tape them to the sheet in random areas. Get yourself a paper sack and a rock to carry around in it. Ta-da! Quick and fairly easy costume and everyone should know exactly who you are.

I may be dating myself, but then again, any self-respecting sci-fi or television nerd worth her salt should know of the wonder that is The X-Files and Special Agent Dana Scully. This is really for those of us with red hair, but it seems there are few costumes that call for this color hair. So if you're blond or brunette? I'll get to you. Anyway, red-haired sisters, this costume is simple. You need a white button-up shirt, some black slacks, and some sensible shoes. If you have a simple black jacket then you can wear that too. If not, a black peacoat works well too. Simple, daytime makeup and a no-frills hairstyle coupled with the wardrobe equals easy, geeky, and awesome. I definitely used this costume one year. And people loved it. (If you can, you should print out an id card and pin it to your shirt/jacket.)

3. Escaped Mental Patient/Crazy Person

And I don't mean Sucker Punch's brand of crazy, either. I mean disheveled, hidden in the dark for months, and off their meds. All you need are some different shades of purple and/or brown eye shadows to make some dark circles, sunken eyes, and maybe some bruises or cigarette burn marks on your person. If you have some reds, you can make cut marks. I've got a tutorial for some makeup that would work with this costume. Once you have the makeup, you just need some pajamas, maybe some worn or mismatched slippers, messy hair, and a faraway look in your eyes. 

This is for all of you blondes out there. Flat-iron your hair and put a barrette or some bobby pins on one side of your 'do. Line your eyes in black, put a look of utter contempt and pain on your face, and dress yourself in something outdated. Maybe a striped dress, a fur coat if you have it, and some clunky heels. If you smoke, then prepare to have the smokiest night ever! If not, just carry a cigarette all night. Put it together with an over-sized clutch and your very own Richie Tenenbaum and get ready to party!

5. Sookie Stackhouse

This version of the costume doesn't involve a Merlotte's shirt, so it is easy. Take your lovely blonde hair and curl it up like the picture. Again, simple makeup and simple wardrobe. Basically, anything that looks like it came from Walmart but is still cute? Wear that along with some heels and a plain headband or just leave your hair loose. Talk to everyone in a crappy Louisiana accent all night, stare at people like you know what they're thinking, and smile when you get uncomfortable!

6. A Girl From The 80s. Any Girl At All.

The 80s are popular right now because many of the people enjoying the resurgence of horrible hair, makeup, and clothes didn't have to live through it the first time. At any rate, this gives you an easy costume to wear! Bright, mismatched colors for your clothes with as much spandex, day-glo, and eye-numbing neon as your closet can muster. Tease that hair up, baby, and pop it into a banana clip if you have one. Your makeup needs to be bright, too. Greens, pinks, blues, sparkles, and ALL TOGETHER. Seriously, you can't really mess this up. So. Easy.

7. Katie From Paranormal Activity

Do you have brown hair and ample assets? Then why not go as Katie from the movie that scared me so badly that I needed Xanax to sleep after? You have some options with this costume as well. Is it warm where you are? Tank top and shorts and you are Ready for Bed Katie. Jeans and a low-cut shirt and you are Just Got Home Katie or Beading Katie. The best part is that you can suddenly blurt out things like, "I feel it. I feel it breathing on me!" and "MICAH! MIIIICAH! MIIIIIIIICAAAAHHH!" If you have beading stuff, I would totally walk around and pretend to make a necklace at the party.

What do you think? Leave your easy costumes in the comments!


  1. I was totally going to go as "last frame of the movie Katie" last year - smear some fake blood in the right places, look disshevelled. Maybe I'll do it this year to attend PA3 on Halloween...

  2. My costume! It was fun to see how many people got it. Under it I wore a big yellow shirt that I painted a zig-zag line on. Took me like 2 hours and $10 to do the whole thing.