Friday, September 9, 2011

Ulta 21 Days of Beauty

Do you have an ULTA near you? It's similar to a Sephora , or so I would assume, as I've never been in a Sephora. ULTA has lots of different product lines, such as benefit, Philosophy, bareMinerals, Stila, Smashbox, Urban Decay, and more. They also have their own affordable brand called, of course, ULTA!

I have one about 5-10 minutes from my house and I LOVE IT. I would love it even more if we had a lot of extra cash for me to plunk down on polishes, perfumes, mascaras, bath products, and flatirons. As it is, I get my hair cut there and nowhere else because their stylists are personable and know how to deal with my ridiculously thick hair. And they charge for the cut and style, not the thickness of my hair like some other salons have in the past.

Anyway, right now is ULTA's 21 Days of Beauty event. During this event (which actually started on 9/4 and the post office didn't see fit to deliver it to me on the date listed on the back but TODAY) ULTA will have daily specials. For example, today, Friday September, 9th, there will be specials in store for benefit, Too Faced, and Murad. This usually means that consultants from those particulars brands are in the store to help you find what you need in their brand. ULTA will also be offering a specific product on sale every day. Today's is Too Faced Shadow Insurance for $9 instead of the regular price of $18.

So, if you've driven by ULTA and weren't sure whether to check it out or you already know about them, now is the perfect time to give them a visit. Check their website for a location near you and a full rundown of the events from now through 9/24. I think I'm going to attempt to buy some ULTA Smoothies, at the very least. Maybe something else too...

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  1. I LOVE Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I'd run out and buy this but I still have half a tube left. That stuff lasts forever.