Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lorac Red Carpet Reveal Eye and Cheek Palette

Author: Vee

I am an eyeshadow whore. I probably own over 100 shades of shadow and that’s without one of those nifty 88-color sets that does all the work for you.

My requirements for eyeshadow change depending on what I am trying to do with it. Do I want neutral, work-appropriate colors or am I looking for a product to help me create a bright, bold look? In this case I wanted something that would be easy enough to use every day, but that had enough pigmentation to do a smoky eye when called for. I won’t spend money on eyeshadows that are streaky, rough-feeling, or don’t have good color deposit.

I discovered Lorac during one of my 2 hour treks to Sephora after I went to town swatching every brand in the store on my hand looking for a set of neutral plum/browns. When I found the Lorac Red Carpet Reveal Eye and Cheek Palette I was sold.

This set comes with three eyeshadows and a blush packed in a gunmetal case with a double-ended brush. Included are:
  • Debut Eyeshadow (shimmering cream with gold pearl)
  • Pose Eyeshadow (shimmering taupe)
  • Interview Eyeshadow (shimmering dark brown)
  • Main Attraction Blush (shimmering rose)
I love these colors and use them on a weekly basis. The case is small enough to add to my makeup bag for days when I need to do my makeup in the car or for touch-ups if I’m going out after work. I use the cream-colored shadow for a brow bone highlighter or to add some shimmer to my inner rim. The taupe and dark brown colors are flattering for eye contouring or just sweeping on your lid for a darker look. While the blush is a pretty pale pink I find that it needs a lot of layering to show up on my skin, but might work well for really fair gals. Another use for it is as an eyeshadow when you want to add some subtle pink to your look.

Colors are silky, great pigmentation and flattering for a lot of skin tones. Unfortunately, the double ended brush is too small to be of much use, except as a liner or smudge brush. The blush is a bit light for much impact so you have to layer a lot on. The plastic window came loose on my case so I had to glue it back on.

Rating: 7/8 tentacles

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  1. Stop trying to tempt me with more brown/neutral eye shadows! I already have more than one girl who rarely wears make up should own.