Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lips Like Jagger: Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments

Author: Metric Jenn

Well, it seems like my lot in life is to purchase really expensive things. This lip tint is but one link the the ever-growing chain of my debt due to beauty products. The things I do for the good of society, the internet, and my lips. But enough of my fake-whining - ON TO THE STORY!

Once again, it was a lazy evening at the mall with a friend of mine. She insisted on stopping in Sephora to pick up some mineral powder and ...whatever else...mostly when Sephora is brought up my eyes glaze over, buzzing starts in my ears and I’m led zombie-like in that direction with my credit card magically appearing in my hand. I love Sephora, and through my undead haze, I had a semi-conscious thought. “Must not buy expensive things and destroy my hopes of paying off my credit card” was the general gist of it.

That thought immediately vaporized the second I laid eyes on the Fresh Sugar line of lip treatments. At $22.50 for a 0.15 oz tube, these lip treatments are among the most expensive lip-oriented purchases I’ve made (another being the duo of Christian Dior’s Addict Gloss and Maximizer, but that is a review for another day). I chose 3 varieties of the Fresh Sugar line: The plain lip treatment, the plum tint and the rose tint, all of which contain SPF 15, are sulphate-free, and are made with a load of natural ingredients including antioxident black currant berries.

The plain lip gloss felt good going on, and wasn’t too greasy. It lasted for a solid 2 hours in a dry office setting. I am not one of those lip-lickers that you see out there - lip gloss is for lips, it is not a snack...that is a seriously gross habit, by the way.  Next up - the tinted glosses. When they say ‘tint’, they really mean it.  You only need to put on a *very* thin layer, as the colours are strong. It should probably be applied in front of a mirror to avoid Joker-like mishaps. They also last for just as long as the non-tinted gloss, which is a definite plus.

One thing I definitely have to mention is that these lip glosses have to be kept at room temperature or cooler, as they seem to get soft easily (that’s what she said!); I learned a harsh lesson about leather car seats and melted Plum. All in all, I quite like these glosses. I don’t use them every day, just when I want to pop a bit of colour on the lips at work.

I’ve not bought a new supply of these glosses, as the price is a bit prohibitive and I still have the tail end of the rose tinted gloss left, but the day is coming when I will drop another $75 on lip gloss, and I can honestly say that I’m looking forward to it, credit card be damned! My final judgment: A very good product to be used sparingly so as not to spend your retirement savings on keeping your lips moistened. Perhaps hold Santa Claus hostage to obtain some at Christmas? That's how Christmas works, right?

I give this product 5/8 tentacles. It does what it promises, certainly. However the price is on the ridiculous side, and it does get mushy with even a slight elevation in temperature.

Rating: 5/8 tentacles

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