Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lather City, USA - Nivea Touch of Smoothness Body Wash

Author: Kolby

I love to shower. I repeat: I LOOOOOVE to shower. When I was a teenager I would regularly drain the hot water tank, and it wasn't long until the rest of my family decided it was for the best if I was the last in the bathroom each morning. I'd sometimes stay in for over an hour, if the opportunity presented itself. I don't have the luxury of that much free time today, but my daily shower is still something I look forward to, and I'm always looking for new products to enhance an already luxurious (for me) experience.

Today my shower is stocked with body washes, sugar scrubs, oils and loofahs of various shapes and sizes, and I seem to be constantly adding new products to its already crammed shelves. I'm a sucker for anything that claims to improve the condition of your skin, so it was only a matter of time before I tried Nivea Touch of Smoothness Body Wash . The lovely people at Nivea, whom I adore for their amazing hand and body lotions, have formulated their Touch of Smoothness Body Wash with their Skin Sensation Technology, "to leave your skin smooth and moisturized, and to provide a shower experience that lasts and lingers." Well, well, well. How intriguing.

To say I fell in love with this body wash would be an understatement. I was instantly addicted, for three reasons: One, the scent, which Nivea tells me is a "pampering tea rose scent," is subtle and romantic, and yet somehow not overpowering or too girly. A man could use this body wash without feeling like he fell into a bottle of cheap perfume; Two, the lather, MY GOD, THE LATHER. The first time I squeezed my body sponge after applying a fairly small amount of the Touch of Smoothness Body Wash, I was amazed at the amount of soft, foamy bubbles that appeared. I felt like a little girl again, covering myself from my chin to my toes in the lather. I luxuriated in the bubbles, and may have giggled a bit at the fun I had; and Three, the way my skin felt after rinsing. The body wash, coupled with my exfoliating body sponge, truly did leave my skin feeling smoother and softer, and ever so slightly scented. The smoothness remained even after towel drying, which is a plus in my book.

If there is a negative side to the Nivea Touch of Smoothness, it could be the scent. I know there are plenty of lovelies out there who prefer a more heavily scented body wash, or maybe something that smells of fruit or coconut, but trust me, you'd be missing out on something worthwhile if you pass this body wash up. The tea rose scent is subtle and matches perfectly with the overall relaxing effect this body wash has on me. Just thinking about it has me wishing it was shower time again.

I'm giving Nivea Touch of Smoothness Body Wash 8 out of 8 Tentacles. I'm reluctant to give any product a perfect rating, since there aren't many out there that everyone will like, but there's nothing I don't love about this stuff. So, whether your morning shower is the best part of your day, or you're lucky if you're allowed five whole minutes to rinse the sleep away, give Nivea Touch of Smoothness Body Wash a go. It's sure to improve what is hopefully an already positive experience.

Rating: 8/8 tentacles

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  1. I have their Touch of Cashmere and it is also fabulous. I may have to check this one out once I run out.