Friday, September 23, 2011

Hot Tips! Shoo flyaways, don't bother me!

Say good bye to the sultry, moist, humid days of summer...those lovely days of frizz and funk that no straightening iron can handle! Enter - the dry, brittle winter weather that statics up your hair until you'd rather just head over to the local Science Centre and grab onto that sparkly ball, because at least you'll look in control of your hair just once this year.

Never fear! Nepoleanita has a great reminder for those of you with flyaways, frizzes and other hair related futzes - your average dryer sheet smoothed over your perfect 'do will do far more than any other product to really, truly take that static outta your attic, and stick that fringe back to where it should begin.

Take a few of them along - doesn't hurt to have a shoe and purse freshener along while you cultivate your coif!

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