Friday, September 30, 2011

Don't you just love free stuff? Clinique's Gift-With-Purchase from Dillard's: Part II

Author: Figgy
This is a continuation of Figgy's Clinique Gift-with-Purchase review. You can read Part I here.

Next are three samples of Clinique's makeup line.

First is the Lash Doubling Mascara. Now, I've never been much of a Mascara wearer, the main reason being that my eyes are extremely sensitive to the stuff. For years I just gave up on finding one that wouldn't make my eyes water constantly. Then came Clinique (in another GWP!) and I was hooked. I don't know about extending lashes or whatever magical properties it claims to have, but I know this stuff works for me. It doesn't clump, gives nice coverage and best of all, doesn't make my eyes water. Even better, these little samples last me so long that I've never had to buy a full sized tube--I just wait for the next GWP from Clinique. I told you I'm both cheap and obsessed. The full sized-product is priced at $11 which is a pretty sweet deal for a lot of product.

The Quickliner for Eyes was nice enough. Big spaz that I am I started playing with the screw mechanism and broke off a giant chunk of the pencil. Genius points! But to be fair, the mechanism is kind of cheap and I don't see much of a point to it. I guess it saves the trouble of sharpening -and we all know how EXHAUSTING that is- but the size is ridiculous for the amount of product you get. Again, a sample, but I suspect the actual product isn't much bigger. As a liner, it's not spectacular, but I confess I'm enough of an amateur to not quite know what spectacular would be. It's a nice chocolate color and makes a nice line, but it crumbles pretty easily, which is not good news for a spaz like me. Also, it's impossible to get a really sharp point on it if you want a thin line.

Last but not least is the Different Lipstick (in "A Different Grape" shade...which, we need a post to talk about ridiculous product names, no?), which I also loved. The wonderful thing about it is that it's an actual full-sized lipstick, not just a tiny sample. And it's smooth, colorful and lasts forever. I've always had trouble with finding the right color of lipstick, which is why I always default to easy glosses, but this was a perfect match for me. I love it when I get lucky like that.

All in all, this bag was packed with goodies. It's a brilliant promotion, because even though you're getting small samples they'll each last you for a good amount of time, and some of them are pretty impressive. And by giving you a lot of different options Clinique almost insures that you'll buy a couple of full sizes in the future. And, did I mention that the makeup bag was adorable? Plus, I figure that even if I don't end up using all the products I can always give them out as presents at Christmas, putting them in one of the many, many makeup bags I've collected throughout the years.

Last Doubling Mascara: 8/8 for a perfect product that will save me from buying an actual tube of mascara.

Quickliner for Eyes: 5/8 it's a nice color but it's crumbly and the twisty-mechanism is not that great. Plus it's imposssible to sharpen into a fine point.

Different Lipstick: 8/8 If you use lipstick, I'd highly recommend trying Clinique. Plus, a full-sized
sample for free? SWEET.

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