Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cure for Light Lashes? e.l.f. Essentials Regular and Waterproof Mascara Duo

Ever since Kolby sent me a text about her love of e.l.f. products found at Target, I've wanted to try something. I was running low on my current mascara and wanted something different and inexpensive. I headed to Target and straight for the beauty section. It took a moment, but I finally spied the e.l.f. section and gasped. They have SO MUCH STUFF and SO INEXPENSIVE. I chose the e.l.f. Essentials Regular and Waterproof Mascara Duo in black and hoped it wouldn't make my eyes burn.

I rushed home, tore off the stupid plastic wrapping (am I the only one that can never find the perforated strip to remove the plastic easily? Just me?) and ran to a mirror. I hadn't worn mascara for a few days because of the lazy, which I have in abundance during hot weather. I'm a little frightened of waterproof mascara for no particular reason, so I decided to go with the regular end of the mascara first. The wand was soft and easy to use. It held a good amount of mascara and went on pretty clump-free.

As you can see, it isn't extremely dark and my lashes are already long and it did nothing to lengthen them. This is pretty much one coat and was just enough to make my lashes visible, which is perfect for every day use. I moved on to the waterproof side of the mascara, applying it to the lashes on my other eye.

Again, the brush was fairly soft and picked up the mascara well. However, I had to use more waterproof mascara to get this:

I accidentally glopped some of the waterproof on my lower lashes, causing me to just darken all the damn lower lashes. It also left my eyelashes only slightly darkened and ready for a regular day. Nothing special. I would definitely recommend this for someone looking for a light mascara for every day use, as long as your everyday doesn't include television work or stripping, because your lashes will not be dark enough.

I wore the mascara all day and slept in it, because I always forget to wash my face before bed. Pinky is a bad girly girl, for sure. My eyes didn't burn as they did with a certain very popular brand of mascara. Most times when I sleep in mascara, I have smearing the next day under my eyes. With e.l.f. regular and waterproof mascara, I had little clumps of mascara on my cheeks and under my eyes. Ew.

I would give this mascara a 6 out of 8 tentacles. e.l.f. makes inexpensive products and this is priced at the lowest end of their range. This makes it an excellent buy for people with low cash flow or an unwillingness to drop a day's wages on mascara. However, it doesn't lend itself to a dramatic eye or extremely dark and long lashes, so you would have to buy a different mascara for evening looks or re-apply this before going out again. Either way you're looking at a little more money, hence the lower score. The clumpy chunks the next day also made the score lower.

  Rating: 6/8 tentacles

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