Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Avon Anti-Rub Blister Stick: Can It Really Prevents Heel and Toe Blisters?

Author: Pinky McLadybits

I don't wear heels often. In fact, I don't wear shoes often if I can get away with it. I used to be able to run barefoot in a driveway full of gravel without wincing or breaking stride. Those days are long gone, as even the pavement is much too ouchy for me to deal with sans soles.

It should come as no surprise then that wearing shoes and walking for vast periods of time causes me much foot discomfort. Blistering, scraping, aching,  and all of the lovely things caused by gorgeous but crazy uncomfortable shoes. I saw Avon's FootWorks Anti-Rub Blister Stick in their catalog and felt it my duty to give it a try. 
In these shoes:

Yeah. And I would be wearing these for many hours. I needed this Anti-Rub Blister Stick to do me a solid and work as promised. Otherwise I'd have ballerina feet at the end of the night, all bloodied, bruised, and deformed. I did not want that. No sir. That would piss me right off.

I fully expected the stick to be the size of one of those old school blush sticks, not the tiny .09 ounce stick I received. I threw it into my purse where it was less likely to be lost or left behind. I forgot about it in there, but temperatures climbing into the ridiculous and being left in sunshiney spots did not cause any melting of the stick. A little scary since you would think a stick of stuff you'll be gliding onto your foot would melt, but great news for the inside of my purse.

When the time came, I twisted the little tube until I had a good portion of exposed stick and went to town on my toes, heels, the sides of my feet, even the tops of my feet. This was a pain in the ass, as the stick would keep going back into the tube. The mechanism for dialing up the stick was so easy that the motion of applying the anti-blister potion was enough to have my scrape my foot with the sides of the plastic container more than once. Ouch. 

The good news is, it worked! I didn't have to burn the tube of Anti-Rub Blister Stick as an act of vengeance for my feet. I walked, danced, climbed stairs, and moved around in those shoes from 5 in the evening until around 1:30 the next morning with no blistering at all. (The arches of my feet were killing me, but that's to be expected.) Yes, the Anti-Rub Blister Stick did its job and it did it well. If only the application were less annoying, it'd be a perfect 8.

Ratinng: 7/8 tentacles


  1. I've used petroleum jelly before as a blister preventer, and mostly had good luck. It works especially well with plastic flip flops (with leather shoes, I'd be afraid of the petroleum jelly being absorbed into the leather and staining it).

    This sounds like a less-messy option. I may have to call my Avon lady, as, especially in summer, I am seriously prone to blisters.

  2. Thanks for the great review , I bought it long time ago & rarely used it but it has been a life saver today with a pair of peep toes shoes ..Going to get a backup :)