Friday, September 23, 2011

Arbonne's Ginger Citrus Body Butter: WINTER IS COMING

Author: Pinky McLadybits

I have a friend, Stephanie, that sells Arbonne. Don't think for one minute that her selling this product will color my review, because it won't. Ahem. Last year, during one of our breakfasts that we do in-between her bouts of chemo, she surprised me with a little gift: Arbonne's Ginger Citrus Body Butter.

It was very lovely of her to do and I thanked her profusely, as I had not brought a gift for her and felt like an ass. I feel like an ass A LOT, I find. Anyway, I enjoyed my breakfast and left toting my delightful prize that would be tossed into my toiletries closet (you don't have one of those? YOU SHOULD) until I remembered it was there.

I don't recall how long after receiving the body butter it was that I began to use it, but once I did? I berated myself for not using it sooner. It smells divine! Ridiculously good. The citrus isn't too strong, which is good because strong citrus smells remind me of sick days spent drowning my stomach in orange juice and praying that it doesn't come back to haunt me. It's faint, but recognizable, and the ginger isn't too strong and spicy either. Perfect balance? Well, nothing's perfect, but YES. It might be the perfect scent balance.

The body butter is creamy and thick, so a little goes a long way. That's great, because my thighs are a long way around. Ew. I'm not sure if you've picked this up in my previous reviews, but I am lazy. I am not-shave-my-legs-for-a-week-because-it's-winter-and-I'm-already-married lazy. So anything that takes a lot of time and effort will not happen. Most moisturizing body creams seems to take forever to glop on and half of a container to cover the real estate that is my legs. Not so with Arbonne's body butter. I use a couple of fingers to scoop out a bit and that smooths one entire leg. I don't have to rub it in for fifteen minutes, either. It's quick and easy and leaves my legs feeling smooth and smelling lightly of ginger and citrus for hours. (I might make my husband feel and smell my legs after using this product. Okay, I definitely do that.)

"But, Pinky", I hear you saying while rolling your eyes, "I thought you weren't going to kiss this product's ass just because your friend sells it?" And my answer to that is, I am not doing that. This product is lovely and does what it is supposed to. However, there is a downside. Price. Arbonne is not cheap. It is very, very not cheap. Twelve ounces of the Ginger Citrus Body Butter is $28. If I hadn't received this as a gift, I may have never tried it because of the cost. But, it was a gift and here I am. I give this a 6 out of 8 tentacles because of the cost, which is a very big deal to me. The product also works and lasts for a bit, so keep that in mind when deciding whether or not to give Arbonne a try. Also, all of their products are promised to be "pure, safe, and beneficial". They have a zero-tolerance policy on using ingredients that will cause a reaction in their clients and many of their products are vegan. 

Rating: 6/8 tentacles

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  1. Every year Arbonne does a black friday sale. 50% off their products. It is the BEST time to buy.