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Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday... What a Bastard!


Sure, people can be bastards.  You know what else can be a real bastard?  Shelling out $5 bucks a day (or more) to feed your iced coffee habit.  I'm not gonna tell you to cut back on the caffeine - instead, why not try making your own iced coffee at home?  Don't worry, this blogger has even done the math for you!  (Hostess With The Motzes)

Well, this is sh*tty.  "Glee," that trainwreck of a Fox show that just keeps going and going, ripped off Jonathan Coulton's bluegrass cover of "Baby Got Back" - and then put it up for sale on iTunes.  (Wired)
But wait!  You can help Coulton stick it to them by buying his cover of their cover of his cover (whew!) on iTunes - and all of his proceeds will go to charity!  (Geekosystem)

TLC's "My Strange Addiction" has hit a weird new low.  Uh, slightly squicky footage ahead.  And yes, I realize this woman probably suffers from Pica.    (BuzzFeed)

Need a chaser?  Here you go.  (Cute Overload)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Put a Little Love in Your Heart


It's been a bad couple of days, hasn't it?  Our hearts go out to the community of Newtown, CT.  

Every news website I opened today had nothing but news about the shooting and stories about gun control and arguments over mental health issues.  And I looked for uplifting stories - something, anything to show how there's still GOOD in the world, now, when we need it so much.  

I found nothing there but speculations and arguments and I just didn't want to contribute to the negativity.   So, I apologize, but today will be all fluffy, light links.  Because my heart just can't take the darkness right now.  I hope you'll enjoy what I offer instead.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I'll Just Toss It Away Like Yesterday's Jam


Sometimes, I just want to follow Moss's lead here.  Yesterday was one of those days.  Jennifer Livingston, a news anchor for WKBT in Wisconsin, took to the airwaves Tuesday to address a bully.  You see, Jennifer is obese. Thankfully, one of her faithful viewers some guy who randomly turned on her show for a few minutes decided to stick his nose where it didn't belong to espouse his concerns about her weight and sent her an email.  Instead of simply replying to his letter, she was given a segment on the news to respond.  And what an eloquent response she gave.  (Pajiba)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesday Links... Now With More Science!


Good morning!  This is an amazing story to start your day off with - a woman lost her ear to cancer, so her doctors grew her a new one (using her own tissue)... on her arm!  F*ck yeah, science!  (CBS)

Does sugar really make kids hyper?  I've always been suspicious of that old myth myself.  (Mind the Science Gap)

Great Godtopus!  Turns out the vampire squid may not be as fearsome as its namesake after all.  Dig these gorgeous shots of it in action!  (National Geographic)

I'm feeling the science imagery this morning.  Here's a stunning collection of photos taken of/from space this past month.  (Time)

Monday, October 1, 2012

I'm Always in an 80's Daze


I'm in love with this "Predator" poster from Tom Whalen and Dave Perillo.  You can catch more of their gorgeous retro designs in their upcoming "Around the World in an 80's Daze" exhibition at Gallery1988 in Santa Monica this month - or you can view more of their posters here.  (Laughing Squid)

Hmmm.  Better rethink those tin foil hats, conspiracy theorists.  (The Atlantic)

This is what happens when you cut family planning options and/or outright ban abortions.  (Jezebel)

I'm a fan of BuzzFeed, but their decision to share a video of a man committing suicide seems irresponsible to me.  It's one thing to report the story, but was it really necessary to include the video?  (Slate)

Palate cleanser - two adorable dads and their clan of zombie fighters!  If my parents had thought of this, I guarantee we'd have done more family portrait sessions.  (PseudoDad)

Friday, September 14, 2012

What's the Sketchiest Phrase You'll Ever Hear?



"Sex tarp."  Not a phrase you want to hear from anyone.  Ever. 

Our first link today comes from the fabulous KatSings.  I want to simultaneously applaud the author of this piece as well as hug her.  It's hard out here for the unemployed, and vicious stereotypes don't make it any easier.  (Addicting Info)

Friday, September 7, 2012

I'm the Edge, I'm the Chic, I'm the Taste


Speaking of fashion, two of our favorite bloggers, Tom and Lorenzo, were recently featured in a fabulous New York Times interview.  I love that, after 6 years of blogging major events like NewYork's Fashion Week, they still get starstruck.  (NY Times)

I'm gonna take advantage of this space to ask for some help, guys.  Metric Jenn's dog Shoes is participating in a contest called the Fido Casting Call 2.  If you have 30 seconds, please click this link to vote for him!  For every vote clicked, the contest will donate a dollar to Dog Guides Canada, so everyone wins here!  The contest ends September 10th.

One more contest request, then it's back to the links.  Home Instead Senior Care is offering a free cruise to a deserving caregiver.  Clara, a woman whose husband has early onset Alzheimer's, could really use our help to win that free vacation.  Click here to vote through September 15th.  And thank you for your help!

Back to your regularly scheduled links!  Look, Muppet balloon animals!  If I had a Swedish Chef balloon, I'd be the happiest kid on Earth.  (Dog and Pony Show)

Friday, August 24, 2012

He's So Hot, He's Making Me Sexist


You know who has a fly booty?  Prince Harry.  Of course, if you're in the UK, the royal family is doing everything in their power to prevent you from knowing that.  Lucky for us (nsfw), they can't do a thing about the media that's outside of the Queen's reach.  I love how everyone is blaming Harry's handlers - like he's not a grown-ass man who should know that EVERYONE has camera phones these days!  (Celebitchy

In the mood for some more scandals?  The Cut has a great slideshow of the "50 Most Scandalous Dresses in History."  Ok, they're not all dresses, per se, but a lot of them were very memorable moments in fashion (and pop culture) history.  (The Cut)

This high school valedictorian isn't getting her diploma because she said "hell" in her graduation speech.  Heaven forbid!  (The Gloss)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bill Murray is My Spirit Guide


Good morning!  Some days, you wake up and think, eh, I'm just not feeling it today.  That's me today.  So, let's ease into things, shall we?

How about the most adorable photo of a baby gorilla ever to get us started?  Man, that stethoscope must've been cold, look at that expression!  I just want to smush his widdle face!  (Buzzfeed)

Here's a gallery of the stars who have stopped by Sesame Street over the years.  Man, I loved Lily Tomlin's Edith Ann when I was little! (EW)

Josh Hutcherson, best known as Peeta from "The Hunger Games," is auctioning off the chance for five lucky winners to have dinner with him.  Proceeds from the auction will benefit a paralyzed young woman who attended his alma mater.  Forget the gorilla, I want to smush Josh's cute widdle face!  I would totally enter that contest myself, but it might be weird if a 29 year old woman showed up to dinner and just gawked at him all night.  (Crushable)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Weird Anime is weird and other fun discoveries you already knew


I know that the semi-pornification of classic literature is tacky. However, in the words of Patton Oswalt, part of me is just glad that people still like books. Still…weird (Jezebel)

These anime screenshots made me laugh harder then I though humanly possible. NSFW, but then you knew that, they’re anime (Buzzfeed)

Very funny, also stingingly accurate: humans vs mountains (The Onion)